Chinese Numerology establishes a relation between the numbers and the living beings or other objects.

The numbers from 1-9 are used in Chinese numerology to calculate several things such the favorability of the geographical directions, personality traits of people, career growth and other future predictions etc.

Numerology 1 happens to be the most individualistic number. Being the starting one, Number 1 indicates the fact that how good a person can get along with the other people. It is a yang number ruled by sun. As per the Numerology, number 1 is very ego-centric and loner. As per the Chinese Astrology, among the five elements, that associated with the Chinese numerology 1 is water. Water happens to be a very powerful element that is believed to remove the stumbles in life and pave way for good things. The element of water has the capability to break down on the boundaries by way of communication.

Numerology One stands for “Unity”. This primary number is very significant in Chinese Numerology. As a Cardinal number, numerology one signifies unity. As an ordinal number, it signifies primacy. Since unity is indivisible and is not made up with the help of any other number, it therefore happens to be independent of everything and the source for all.

Number one in Chinese Numerology is to learn how can you stand all by yourself and be responsible for your life. Numerology one is surely a natural leader. It’s about loyalty. Crowds and parties are something you don’t like. You don’t quite trust the strangers around you. Being in Chinese numerology one indicates lot of success that can happen very well at early ages. However, Number one also indicates crashing down and hence it is very important for the number one individuals who have reached a significant position in life, to consolidate their positions and work hard to maintain it.

In Chinese, the numerology 1 sounds like that of “honor” and is believed to be lucky. It stands for the symbol of sun. It serves as the beginning, from which all other numbers have been created. It happens to be the basis of all numbers, the foundation of all life. Any person who falls on numerology 1 are advised to take up any event of business on the dates such as 1, 10, 19 or those dates, in which case, the total of the year, month and date comes to 1. These dates are considered to be good and believe to bring success. Persons belonging to number one must keep their names on number one. Individuals born under the sun’s influence that is on 1, 19, and 10 but are however not much influenced by sun owing to several afflictions of the planets present in their birth charts, happen to be less confident about themselves. They are expected to be faced with many hurdles in their career. There will be lot of confusion in their family life and they would have a tendency to get indulged in their immoral love. They will be hooked on to bad habits. If the people less influenced by the changes of the sun actually happen to change the names into some lucky number, this can enhance the power of the birth number and improve their life significantly.

Numerology 1 Personality Traits

Those falling under the numerology 1 have excellent leadership qualities. They are ambitious, goal-oriented, have a strong will power, driven, unconventional, inventive, courageous, creative, pioneer, original, individualistic, independent. With immense potential for achievement, they have a unique approach towards the problem.

Career Options

When it comes to work, those with numerology 1 are duty bound and dignified. The good career options for them are leader, manager, entrepreneur, inventor, scientist, business person.

Positive Characteristics

The positive characteristics include creativity, individuality, and positive attitude.

Negative Characteristics

The negative characteristics are dominant, impatient, stubborn, appearance and status conscious, egotistic, angry, selfish, aggressive, loves attention and respect and pride. They love to command.

Power Color

The power color for them is Red

Power Planet

The power planet for them is Sun.

The basis of Chinese Numerology is the Lo Shu Grid on the basis of which personality traits, weaknesses and strengths etc are calculated. Each number symbolizes a particular human trait. Hence the individuals would have characteristics of those numbers that are present in the birth date of the individual. The Lo Shu Grid helps in understanding the character traits being associated with different persons. As per this grid:

  • Persons having only a single 1 in the chart are not generally capable of expressing their views and innermost thoughts. Further, they also have problems when it comes to understanding the opinion of others.
  • Persons having two 1s in the chart are able to communicate with people very well and also capable of understanding the opinion of others without any difficulty.
  • Persons having three 1s in the chart happen to be very talkative. Yet at times they can be uncommunicative and silent at times. Very similar to that of the Libra, the western zodiac, they always seem top play a balancing act. These people are often employed in areas such as communications.
  • Persons having four 1s in the chart are not quite able to express their heart out verbally. They are compassionate and sensitive and often have the tendency to create misunderstandings. They really need to know how to take out time for relaxing and also required to find for themselves a positive outlet, where they can actually relax.
  • Persons having over five 1s in the chart are very uncomfortable when it comes to giving out speeches in front of a large audience. They however, make great artists, writers and dancers. They sometimes tend to over indulge. They need to be careful not to have very rich food, alcohol or any kind of medication or drugs. They are recommended to go for holistic therapies.

Famous Personalities Born Under Numerology 1

Charles I, George I, George II, Alexander the Great, James I ., Duke of Wellington., ” General” Booth, Field-Marshal Earl Haig., General Gordon, Quem Alexandra, Field- David Livingstone, Lord Charles Beresford, Marshal Lord French, Annie Besant ., President Monroe (U.S.A.), President Wilson (USA.)., President Hoover (U.S.A.)

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