Christmas is a celebrated worldwide with full vigor and enthusiasm. The United States of America with its diverse traditions and cultures also celebrates Christmas.

It would be indeed very difficult to classify as to what is strictly American tradition. An American Christmas tradition deals in celebrations and holiday activities. They vary from one family to the other.

As per the American Christmas Traditions, a typical celebration of this festival in America would be a mixture of Polish, Austrian and Belgian traditions.

The Tradition of Christmas Trees

America sports some of the beautifully decorated Christmas trees. This indeed is an integral part of the tradition. You will find huge Christmas trees in America, in plazas and even on the streets that would have a star atop it. It represents the Star of Bethlehem. In some of the lore, this star also refers to the angel who declared the birth of Christ.

Some of the families in America have some traditional ornaments and mementos on the tree. These got passed from one generation to the other. Lighting is very important when you are decorating a Christmas tree. Most often these trees were kept outside the house so that other passing by can catch a glimpse of it.

Traditional Christmas Decorations in America

Several household in America, decorate their residence with traditional Christmas decorations. Lights of various shades are used in yards and homes. Other traditional Christmas decor used are, Santa Claus dolls, snowmen, reindeer, huge bells, mistletoes, snowflakes, manger scenes, packed gifts and so on. Lights are carefully managed so that they give a homely look and appeal. The lightning is mostly kept yellow.

Depending on the house space some families also set up a nativity scene depicting Christ’s childhood. Several families also make Christmas gifts like cookies and cakes that they distribute in the immediate neighborhood.

American Christmas Food Traditions

Food is an important part of the American Christmas Traditions. Most of the families organize Christmas parties and have guests visiting almost every alternate day. Generally the families organize for an extended open house celebration with friends and family. The platter consists of sumptuous meals and beverages.

The traditional platter includes potato dressing, turkey, cranberry sauce, vegetables, salad and desserts. With regards to beverage options mulled wine is the most preferred option. The wine is homemade and also the cakes and other bakery. “Rum n Raisin” cake is a popular option that most household indulge in.

Churches in America

Churches play an important role in American Christmas traditions. There are the mid-night mass and the early morning prayers. Some prayer sessions are followed by bread and wine.

Most of the families feel it’s necessary to visit the church during this time is good. Apart from prayers and masses there are also other activities that are carried on in the churches. Some of the activities are listed below:-

  • Church Dinners
  • Live Nativity scenes
  • Special services by the Church for the citizens
  • Choir Concerts
  • Donation Services

These would be some of the important aspects of Christmas and American Christmas Traditions.


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