You are a spiritually inclined person who has a vision for the future. You are among the blessed few who know to have fun without following all the rules and manage to stay out of trouble too.

Your compassion and sensitivity are your greatest strengths. Embrace them this year and use them to your full advantage and you totally have the capability to take the world to the next level – at least your own world.

Health – You are stubborn and you never shrink from hard work and this may have some negative effects on your health. Also you go through phases of inertia and lethargy and this sedentary lifestyle does nothing good for your health either. As a cusp between the air and water signs you are naturally spiritually inclined – try meditation to keep the stress at bay. You may consider joining a yoga class or teaming up with a few friends for a morning jog to keep the doctor away.

Career – You are truly a bundle of contradictions. On one hand, if you are in the field of fine arts or any other creative venture, your talents will bring you success manifold because of your capability to dream and imagine out of the box. On the other, those in the technical field would achieve success due to razor sharp mind, intellect and clarity of vision. Your best part is you are always ready to learn. Just be a little more organized for a hassle free year ahead.

Family – You are a selfless person who is often considered spiritual too. You are idealistic but not constricted – you are broad minded enough to learn and revise. This makes you a lovable person and your family always loves to extend their support to your noble causes. In return, you are always by their side when they need you. However, under strain you behave as a timid and emotional person. Learn to express yourself clearly before your family so that you all are always on the same footing.

Romance – You seek intellectual bonding with your partner. You are a dreamer and you need someone who can match up to it. But then there is that emotional, compassionate and sensitive side of you that makes you understanding to your partner’s needs. A routine life bores you – you seek adventure out of your relationship. This year, you shall have a pleasant liaison only if you can deal with any situation head on without taking an escapist attitude. Remember, problems exist only to be solved.

Finances – You should realize that finances are not everybody’s piece of cake. Some people are meant to be visionaries and philanthropists – not someone busy crunching the numbers. As an Aquarius-Pisces Cusp you are a dreamer and your imagination is not always backed by practical reasoning. It would be best if you left the finances to the care of a person you can trust. Your intuition is strong, but you may not be able to read the right calls always. It is best to make investments after consulting experts.


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