Aries is ruled by Mars and represents Passion. Aquarius is jointly influenced by Planets Saturn and Uranus that respectively represent Karma and Rebellion. Aries is a Fire sign while Aquarius is represented by element Air. Aries brings direct action and lofty ideals.


Aquarius brings progressive vision and a conscience that contributes towards general welfare of human beings at large. Aquarius gives courage and confidence to the Aries to move on in life and remain proactive in spirit. Aries loves how Aquarius stabilizes the projects undertaken and makes it see the light of completion. Aquarius adds vision while Aries takes care of the execution making them a highly creative and productive pair.

As a consequence, they have a great mutual regard and admiration and keep stimulating each other intellectually – this is what creates the magic in their relationship and keeps adding fodder to their passionate bonding. However, they can both get very competitive – they should remember that they are working together and not against each other.

Aries and Aquarius would have great understanding between them and are both idealistic and enthusiastic about life. Aries sometimes gets overtly possessive about her/his partner, and this makes Aquarius create a wall around her/himself. As long as they both can make each other feel that the relationship is of high importance to each other and that the relationship is secure, they would both relax and let the bond thrive on its own merit.

Aries Man and Aquarius Woman

The romantic heart of the man would keep the woman glued to the relationship. They are both always looking for something new and interesting – this would keep the spark alive. They would even have a perfect physical chemistry. They would enjoy socializing as a couple and would be very popular among friends and relatives. However, the woman should give the man space and freedom and may require enduring his temperamental spirit at times.

Aries Woman and Aquarius Man

Aries woman has a fiery spirit and is full of energy. Aquarius man is comfortable with unconventional ways of life that leads to adventure. This makes them a dynamic duo. The woman has to understand that her man will not be tamed, but then she shall get her own breathing space too.

There is one thing that Aries-Aquarius relationship can guarantee – it will never get stagnant – it is one that would always be full of fun, frolic, adventure and excitement. Both the sun signs get excited at the prospect of anything new and adventurous. Also, both love their independence. However, Arians can sometimes get too possessive about their partner which may clash with the freewill spirit of an Aquarian. What makes the relationship a fulfilling one is the fact that an Aquarian always loves and respects the spontaneity in the Arian, who, in turn, is smitten by the creative and innovative mind of her/his partner.

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