Cancer is prone to being compassionate and emotional. They are strongly attached to their partner and also their family.

However, they are extremely sensitive, prone to extreme mood swings and can get easily hurt. They crave for love, and enjoy snuggles and cuddles of the ones they love, although they may not express it. Cancer is also not very open about their problems and is hesitant to ask for support or help. They expect their partners to understand their wants and needs on their own. In turn they are ready to be the strongest pillar of support for their loved ones and protect them with love, affection and kindness whenever required.

A Cancer-Cancer partnership is between two devoted people who make a very loving couple who love their home and family. Both would feel secure, comfortable and satisfied in each other’s company. They would know each other inside out and would be the best judge of how to heat things up or cool things down. Their caring, helpful and sympathetic approach makes them not only perfect for each other, but perfect also for their circle of loved ones. But they should also learn to control their brooding manipulative nature and self-pitying tendencies. As long as Cancer can keep these negative traits under control, the relationship can be mutually nurturing.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon that influences their emotions – as such they are sensitive to the ebbs and tides of Moon’s monthly cycle. But then Moon also contributes towards Cancer’s maternal instincts that makes them so caring and giving. This, in turn, creates a warm secure domestic life for them – for Cancer is proud of their love nest and covet healthy relationships. Cancer, being a Water sign, is driven by instincts and emotions. They hate the harsh realities of the outside world. They have deep intuitive powers. But, with that comes vulnerability. When overwhelmed, hurt or scared, Cancer retreats in its shell shutting the world out. In a Cancer-Cancer partnership, the partners would understand each other’s need for space and temporary time-outs.

Cancer likes to get exactly what they want from their partner. As such, in a Cancer-Cancer match both the partners need to learn to see things from each other’s perspective. This also includes the bursts of emotions – both positive and negative – that they are subjected to. The mood swings may cause hurt to one another at times, but then Cancer also knows how to emotionally manipulate to woo back their partner.

Cancer is happily busy with their own circle – their home, their friends, their loved ones. They are not too worried about what goes on in the world beyond that. However, if anything affects their inner circle, they would defend and protect it with their life. This makes them loving partners. The best part of a Cancer-Cancer relationship is their similar lines of thought and interest that makes them understanding partner to one another.

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