Capricorn has a cautious and practical approach to life. Aquarius has an idealistic approach to life. When these two set eyes on one another, initially it may seem that it is a case of attraction between the opposites.

Well, in more ways than one it is so. But their bonding can be a strong one for both these sun signs makes devoted lovers. Also their combined attributes help to shine the positives and mar the negatives in each other.

Both Capricorn and Aquarius have strong minds of their own and are not very budging unless thoroughly convinced. Capricorn always envisions the consequences before taking up anything and then advances in an orderly method. Aquarius finds this approach mundane and boring. Capricorn would enjoy the variety and excitement that Aquarius would bring to their life, but will have a hard time to drive in logic to the mystic spirits of their partner. Aquarius will find a great relief in their partner’s ability to take care of the personal matters and to provide a solid base, but will not be bogged down by their domineering streak in any way.

Capricorn’s Saturn influence imbibes in them cool traditional energy. Aquarius’ Uranus influence is all about progressive thoughts and ideas. Capricorn is very goal oriented and when they join hands with Aquarius they may make those mighty ideals a tangible reality. Aquarius in turn would dare Capricorn to dream big. Capricorn is an Earth sign while Aquarius is an Air sign. Aquarius needs to come down from their flights of fancy at times, while Capricorn needs to loosen up a bit. Both these partners would have the intense urge to possess what they desire. When the two join forces to work towards a common goal, a strong bonding is formed.

Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman

A Capricorn man always respects his woman and allows freedom sand space. An Aquarius woman is confident and never falters to stand beside her man in times of need. This devotion is what would attract the Capricorn man towards the Aquarius woman. The Aquarius woman in turn would appreciate the independence and the comfortable home base that Capricorn man would provide.

Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man

He likes to live a crazy life. She likes to play it safe. He is very social. She is quiet and reserved. These two need to take a middle way and adapt to each other’s ways for the relationship to work.

Capricorn is down to earth, Aquarius is all about creativity. Capricorn is judicious, Aquarius is too responsive. Capricorn takes time to come to a conclusion; Aquarius can get drifted pretty easily. As such there is a high probability that these two would get into conflict at the minutest issues. But when the two understand that they have the capacity to bring the best out of the other, and also that they complement each other perfectly, they devote to ignore the differences and make the relationship run smoothly.

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