Cheating dreams are among one of the most common ones that are reported to dream analysts and psychologists. Naturally these dreams also rank among those that trouble the viewer the most.

These dreams are often so vivid that they almost seem real thereby causing a lot of emotional turmoil. Many people consider these to be prophecies and fight with their partner in real life.

However, researchers believe that these dreams can also be outcome of deeper fears and anxieties.


  • Just a manifestation of something you experienced in recent times:


Think hard. Your dream can be a manifestation of what is actually going on in your life for real. There are times when your conscious mind misses or chooses to miss subtle signs and signals, but your sixth sense sniffs them out and the subconscious mind registers them too. Your subconscious mind is often more aware of all the hidden signs, which, it then weaves into a dream, that brings them then to your notice. When a person has been having a dream of being cheated for a while, and later it turns out to be true, it only means that the person has a strong sixth sense of grabbing the little hints around. Sometimes your conscious mind blocks out certain signs or signals just because it is afraid of being hurt or abandoned. It either skips from your mind or you choose to overlook it. But when it comes to your subconscious, it is more adept at picking up these little hints. There are certain little clues of infidelity – for example — partner often going away from home, returning home late at all times, getting angry easily, staying irritated when around you, sudden interest in appearance, etc. What your conscious minds tries to put away is brought to your notice by your subconscious mind by sending those signals to you in your dreams.


  • Analyzing your dream:


If you are constantly having dreams about cheating, irrespective of the fact whether you are the cheater or you are being cheated upon, it is high time you took up the matter seriously. To begin with you should analyze every aspect of your dream minutely. Often we find that what was vivid and real in our dream appears to be faded when awake. So you may actually jot down what you see in your dreams. This includes points like the backdrop of your dream, the people involved in your dream, what exactly are the people doing, etc. You should also consider whether the people you see in your dreams are real, that is, if you know them personally, or whether they are not someone you know in person, or perhaps they are renowned personalities.


  • When you are cheating on someone:


If you are dreaming that you are cheating on someone it could actually be a manifestation of a guilty feeling that you may have nurtured in your mind about some other issue. The issue could be related to your relationship but it may not be related to your relationship. By guilty feelings in your relationship, it could even be the fact that perhaps you can devote lesser time to your partner because of work. But the guilty feeling could also be for other reasons – like perhaps you feel your attitude at work has been slipshod lately, or perhaps you have hidden something from your family or friends. It could even be the fact that you fear failure of some kind lurking in the future.


  • When you are being cheated upon:


When you see that you are the victim, the one who is being cheated upon, chances are that these dreams are manifestations of your deep rooted tension or anxiety about something. For example, you may feel that you are not attractive enough or perhaps you feel anxious about the future of your relationship. This kind of dream is also known to be common among children from broken homes – children who suffered when their parents got divorced often suffer from tension of abandonment, and as a result of it such feelings linger in their mind even when they get into relationship.


  • Conclusion:


From all the above discussions it can be concluded that dreams of cheating or those of being cheated do not necessarily mean that in reality your partner is cheating upon you or you are contemplating infidelity of any kind in your subconscious. It can have many other deep rooted yet varied significance. However, the probability cannot be ruled out entirely, and you could simply run a rain check. But these dreams could be a signal about the fact that there may be certain issues in your relationship that you need to work upon. Is there a loss of trust? Or perhaps there is an element of fear? Or have you ever had to face abandonment or perhaps you fear abandonment? Such emotions in your mind can be very harmful to your relationship. It does not necessarily mean in your relationship with your partner. It could also be about your relationship to someone you are close to. These dreams could actually be manifestations of your fear or anxiety about various other issues in life.


  • You are probably feeling insecure in some way or the other, whether you are aware of it or not
  • You are probably craving for more attention from your mate
  • You are suffering from low self esteem
  • You have the fear of being abandoned
  • You probably feel that you don’t meet the expectation of others
  • You are being unable to meet your own expectations
  • You have probably made some compromise in your life unwillingly
  • Your emotional or physical needs are not being satisfied by your partner
  • You are trying to explore your sensuality
  • You are a little anxious about the outcome of a relationship that you value

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