You are welcoming your Chinese friends over the New Year party then why not surprise them by presenting Chinese New Year gifts. The best way to bring happiness on your loved ones face is by giving them something which is very close to their heart. Your China friends would love to receive personalized New Year gifts.

Spread happiness, luck and longevity by giving traditional Chinese gifts to all your loved ones. The excellent way to show your love and affection is by giving them Chinese New Year gifts and showering blessing everywhere.

Popular Chinese presents on New Year

Money plant – The traditional Chinese families would love to receive the bamboo plant which is popularly known as the money plant. It has leaves which looks like Chinese gold ingots which were used centuries back. The branches of this tiny plant are twisted to avoid the bad vibrations and embrace the good ones.

The Chinese traditions believe this plant as a good omen. It brings happiness and prosperity. The bamboo is considered a strong plant that symbolizes endurance. It means it can sustain any kind of hardships. Among the New Year gifts in Chinese tradition; money plant is the best option.

The bamboo signifies strong character and from this you can draw inspiration to face the challenges of life. Exchanging money plant is considered very auspicious in Chinese tradition.

Pineapple – The fruit which is one of the very popular Chinese New Year presentations is known as “ong lai”. Pineapple is treated as very auspicious fruit as, it signifies prosperity and makes a wonderful New Year gift for Chinese.

Pineapple is the fruit of welcoming good luck and wealth; this is reason this is shared as New Year presents.

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas


Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

Peach Blossoms – Wish your Chinese friend good luck and prosperity by giving peach blossoms as New Year present. Lasting relationships are believed to happen when you get or give peach blossoms on New Year eve.

Peach is known as ‘tao’ in Chinese and it signifies romance and relationships. It is also exchanged during the Valentine’s Day. Give this beautiful token of love to your beloved as Chinese New Year gifts.

Bottle Gourd – It might sound a little funny to give bottle gourd as New Year present but, the traditional beliefs of China find it very lucky. The bottle gourd is not just a vegetable but, symbolizes wealth. It signifies longevity.

This gift is painted or engraved with auspicious wordings and kept for display. This usually placed near the prayer area and is considered to wave off the harmful negative vibes from home. The gourd acts like a guard to the people staying the house and it removes the “chi” to promote betterment.

Chinese Gifts for New Year


  • Chinese Tea Sets & Mats
  • Chinese Calligraphy WallDecor
  • Longevity Icon Cushion Cover
  • Everlasting Fortune Lantern
  • Double Dragons Seal Carving
  • Traditional Chinese Bottle Covers
  • Fan Shaped Four Treasures Calligraphy Set

Wish you a wonderful New Year and hope you find the best Chinese New Year gifts for all your friends in china.


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