Christmas foods are one of the main attractions in a Christmas party. Various traditional foods are being served in traditional Christmas lunch.

Lately people are becoming more interested in contemporary foods and snacks and thus nowadays these are also included in the party. Several food companies also come up with various packaged food exclusively for this occasion. Restaurants include new items exclusively for the Christmas. Let’s peep into the food items generally included in the Christmas party.

Traditional Christmas foods

Christmas pudding -Christmas pudding is the essential item in the Christmas lunch. This yummy pudding is made with dry fruits, brandy and flour.

Brandy butter – Brandy butter is generally taken with the slices of bread. The item is made with milk cream, butter and brandy. The mixture should be kept in the fridge for two weeks before making the dish.

Roasted turkey -Roasted turkey should be included in your lunch dish. Make your turkey dish more delicious with lots of boiled vegetables and beans. Add a variety by putting some barbeque sauce on it.

Apple pie – Pamper your sweet tooth with some apple pie. It would be more delicious with some chocolate sauce.

Christmas Party Foods

Try to add a variety in your food arrangement when throwing a Christmas party. It would be better if you ask the invitees about their tastes. However, include lots of snacks in your meal. If children are there then add lots of delicious chocolates and ice creams in your meal items. Moreover add some spicy meat and soups which make your meal scrumptious.

Christmas Cake recipes


Cake mix of twenty ounce
Chocolate cake mix of six ounce
Fresh cream of one cup
One cup vegetable oil
Warm water one cup
Four eggs
Chocolate pieces

How to prepare:

First, preheat your cake oven to 350 degree. Make a batter by mixing the ingredients all together. Pour the mix into the butter greased bowl and beak it for 50 minutes. Now bring it out and leave it until the cake comes to the normal temperature. Keep this inside the fridge for two hours. Serve it cold with chocolate pieces.


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