Clothes are essentials in civilized life not only to adorn our bodies but also to protect the bodies and make us appear civil before others.

Clothes can be comfortable and practical or luxurious and stylish. In more ways than one clothes define our image. So when you see clothes in your dream these could represent the image you have of yourself in your mind.

They could also represent the way you think others look at you. Clothes in your dreams could also symbolize the way you perceive others or any situation as such.

Various Situations that have clothes dream symbols and their meanings

  • Dirty clothes in your dreams suggest that you think you are in trouble. If you see yourself trying to clean them, it means you are trying to change the situation or perhaps some characteristic about you.
  • Changing clothes frequently mean you want to change something in your life or in your personality.
  • Trying to fit into clothes suggest that you are trying to adapt to certain situation or get used to certain trait.
  • Being unable to find the right outfit for yourself expresses your anxiety or nervousness. It may be about your life in general or about getting accepted to some social group or scenario.
  • Wearing multiple layers of clothing suggests that you feel vulnerable about something and are shielding yourself.
  • Wearing someone else’s attire suggests that you wish you to possess certain traits of that person. Or it may also suggest that you feel close to the person.
  • Too tight clothes suggest suffocation in life or relationship.
  • Wet clothes suggest strong emotions or spirituality.
  • Ripped or torn clothes indicate flaws or something that defies logic.
  • Faded clothes say that you are giving up hope.
  • Wearing your clothes inside out suggest that you are ready to disclose something – may be some feelings or information.
  • Expensive or designer clothes suggest that you are trying to impress.
  • Over sized clothes indicate insecurity or your ability to fit in somewhere.


Various clothing items and their meanings when they appear in dreams

  • Apron

Commitment to work or some domestic task; nurturing something

Protection and secrecy

Submissive attitude

Letting others dictate your stand


  • Baby Clothes

Thinking of old habits that you have outgrown

Feeling nostalgic

Expressing thoughts and ideas in a subtle way


  • Ballet Shoes

Balanced attitude

Caution to approach a situation with care

Careful deliberation before taking a decision


  • Bandana

Careful consideration of options

Suggestive of objective viewpoint towards a situation


  • Bathing Suit

Feeling of being exposed or emotional vulnerability

Leisurely life

Eased and relaxed attitude

Discomfort wearing bathing suit suggests lack of confidence or sense of insecurity


  • Bathrobe

Some kind of intimate situation for which you need privacy


  • Blouse

Attempt to express your emotions and finding ways of doing so in a proper manner


  • Bonnet

Old fashioned ideas

Sheltered life

Narrow or closed minded attitude


  • Bra

Uplifted spirits

Better support and protection

Expression of your sexuality

Expression of your maternal instincts or affectionate nature

Discipline and decency


  • Bulletproof Vest

Protection from any kind of vulnerability, especially emotional wounds


  • Cap

Suggesting more tolerance for others

Informality and easy attitude


  • Denim

Signifies your ability to endure the rugged patches of life

Leisure or laid back attitude


  • Dress

Brings out the feminine perspectives and emotions

Color of the dress determines the coordinating emotion


  • Evening Gown

Enjoyment and social pleasure

Grace and culture

Luxurious lifestyle


  • Fishnet Stockings

Sensuality, alluring nature and lust

Challenges you to be more daring


  • Flannel

Comfort and warmth

Relaxed attitude


  • Furs

Prosperity and luxury

Status symbol

Symbolic representation of animal instinct

Cruelty and torture


  • Glass Slipper

Truth and transparency


Feeling exposed


  • Gloves

Meaning depends on type of gloves you see

Work gloves represent hardships in life

Taking off glove means showing respect

Boxing gloves denote conflict with someone or within yourself

White gloves denote luxury, prosperity and riches


  • Hat

Hiding something you did or some characteristic in you

Covering up for someone

Shows your attitude

Changing hats represent change in thoughts, ideas and opinion


  • Hawaiian Shirt

You are warm and can be easily approached

You are welcoming someone or something (an idea)

Relaxed attitude


  • Headband

Holding back information that is vital

A trait of secrecy in you

Relates to intellectuality

Urging you to give something a proper thought


  • Helmet

Seeking shield or protection

Urging you to keep thoughts and ideas secure


  • High Heels

Confidence and self assurance

Glamour and luxury

Feminine charm


  • Hoodie

Attempt to cover up true feelings or emotions

Trying to hide something

Being incommunicative


  • Jacket

You are being protective or defensive

You are isolating yourself


  • Jeans

Reflection of who you think you are – designer ones exude charm while faded or torn ones tell of inappropriate attitude

Relaxed attitude especially in matters of finance

Tight ones say that you feel constricted in some way

High waist ones say that you have pinned your ambitions and expectations too high

Trying to fit in your jeans suggest of your efforts to adapt to certain situation or adjust to some person


  • Kimono

Elegance, grace, beauty, tradition and docility


  • Lab Coat

Sanitize a situation

Willing to experiment

Covering up for something


  • Leggings

Flexibility and adaptability


  • Lingerie

Expression of your sexual identity


  • Loincloth

Bare male sensuality


  • Mittens

Childish attitude


  • Nightgown

Accepting and expressing traits about which you have been previously quiet or uncomfortable


  • Overcoat

You are putting up a wall around you

Trying to shield yourself from getting hurt – physical or emotional


  • Pajamas

Need of rest and rejuvenation

Need to pay attention to something that is lying bare yet skipping your attention


  • Raincoat

Unpleasant thoughts

Pessimistic approach to life

Unwilling to face anything nasty

Protecting your emotions


  • Scarf

Too much control over expression of emotions

Too many restrictions on yourself

Your voice is being muffled


  • Shorts

Your readiness to be open about something

Your readiness to disclose something

Youthful nature and playful attitude


  • Skirts

Hidden aspects about your personality that you need to acknowledge and embrace


  • Socks or Stockings

Indicative of a warm and comfortable situation

Indicative of your willingness to adjust


  • Suit

Your power and skills that you make sure are noticed

Luxury and prosperity

Expression of superiority or machismo


  • Tie

Relates to obligations in various relationships

Feeling of being restricted – may be a relationship or a certain situation in life


  • Trousers

Represents the role you that perceive yourself in, in matters of your relationships


  • T-Shirt

Hint to take it easy

Represents your honesty and genuineness

Having your own way

You feel comfortable in your present situation


  • Uniform

Your willingness to conform to something

Your discipline

Routine and regimented lifestyle

Order and method in mannerisms



  • Veil

Repressing or hiding something

Feminine nature

Innocence, humility or coyness


  • Wedding Dress

Assessment of your personal relationship

Finding your role in life

Prepared to take on responsibilities

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