Numerology is a great way to ascertain your compatibility with another person based on the simple philosophy that everything on earth can be comprehended on basis of a philosophical number system in which numbers are imposed with distinct personalities of their own.

Numerology Compatibility Calculator makes the deductions on basis of the birth dates of the two people in question.

This is how it works. At first the Life Path Numbers of both the people are calculated. This calculation is done according to the modern Pythagorean calculation system where all the digits of the birth date of each person is added up separately till the resulting sum simplifies into a single digit number between 1 and 9. This is called the Life Path number of the person.

After the Life Path Number is determined, a write up can be offered on the basis of characteristics of those Life Path Numbers. If the Life Path Numbers of the two people concerned vibrate well with one another, then the two people are said to be compatible with each other. Numerology Compatibility Readings helps you to gauge if the two people are suited for each other. However, it should be borne in mind that this report is a generic one which provides a comprehensive yet generalized analysis for the traits of the two people based on Life Path Number.

Numerology is one of the most effective tools to gauge the probability of failure or success in any long-term relationship with a prospective partner. As numerological value if a name holds great significance in influencing one’s personal as well as professional life, it is looked upon for resolving relationship issues. It is a great way of judging your compatibility with your loved one. With numerological help you can also work out a way to increase the odds of maintaining a stable and a successful relationship. People facing some severe strain in their relationships with closed ones or experiencing difficulties in their marriage can look up to numerology for finding a solution for their problems.

You can gain an understanding into the actual blending of numbers and the degree of compatibility in a relationship by judging people of different numbers from 1-9 in different variations.

1 and 1 – Both individuals with 1 as their name number in a relationship are likely to have a good relationship filled with enthusiasm and activity. They are understanding and independent in nature and accept each other better than any other number.

1 and 2 – People with 1 as name number can make earn living but must avoid getting distracted and should pay attention their partners. Individuals with 2 as the number can keep the passion alive in their relationship. Both can work well if they perform their roles.

1 and 3 – Individuals with these name numbers make a lively couple who can enjoy life to the fullest. The 3 is good at recognizing the achievements of 1 and caressing its ego. They provide ideas, whereas 1 provides the support. Yet they should be vigilant about making negative remarks about other as neither of them is good at handling criticism well.

1 and 4 – People with 4 as name number wants to have control which does not go well with the 1. The former is meticulous but people with 1 name number want things done immediately. Opposites in several ways but once they accept and compromise with each other, their relationship can be quite solid.

1 and 5 – Individuals of both numbers like to be free in a relationship and hence are compatible. The hunger for independence is supreme for each. Time they might get to spend together may be limited but is likely to turn out special, and often exciting. The gravest challenge for their relationship would be when either tries to dominate the other.

1 and 6 – There are chances of a power struggle when people of both numbers come together. People with 6 need attention and care, while people with 1 as name number love to be free and unreserved. It can be a successful combination only if both can work out the challenges, and give each other the desired support.

1 and 7 – These are very different personalities but their pairing can be quite good. The 7 name number individuals are blessed with wisdom while the 1 acts as a good motivator. 1 can gettoo involved the outer world to always give attention to the 7, while the latter is always into their own world to be there for the 1. The key for a successful pairing is both should understand the tendencies

1 and 8 – The combination of these numbers is good from a business standpoint, but may not work in a relationship. Both being aggressive and demanding, the expectations in their relationship can weigh upon the reality. Negative comments from either will work against the pairing. They should try to compromise and limit demands.

1 and 9 – Individuals with name number as 9 are selfless, which allows people with number 1 to work in an understanding and free environment. People with 1 as name number will have to share things with their partner, Challenges may arise because of 1’s aggressive and individualistic behavior.

2 and 2 – It is a wonderful pairing of two name numbers with both having a strong need for love. To make this pairing a success, both of them have to avoid hurting each other with their verbal remarks as both are sensitive in nature.

2 and 3 – Both numbers make very good partners because of their funny side and good equation. The 3 is full of vitality, while the 2 is content just standing behind the focus to enjoy the show. The 2 is good at balancing the needs of the 3 by having a soothing and calming effect.

2 and 4 – People of both numbers are likely to have a steady and a comfortable relationship. The 4 provides support and security to home and family, while people with name number 2 has a string love for home, hearth, and family. The 2 is demonstrative of love while the number 4 is not so showy.

2 and 5 – The 2 loves to have the feeling of being loved always and needs a family, while name number 5 people need to be independent to follow whatever avenues come up. Both of them need to make some significant compromises to make their chemistry work. They can have a strong pairing but its not going to be an easy task.

2 and 6 – People with these two numbers can have a strong pairing. The 6 loves family while the 2 is good at providing love and care. Howvere, both of them need to watch their pros and cons. The 6 needs constant approval, and 2’s are sensitive and can feel hurt because of the direct and demanding approach of the 6.

2 and 7 – people of these two numbers can work as a strong pair but sometimes with dissimilar needs. The 2’s need to express love and 7’s need for freedom and solitude make it a workable pairing only when both can fulfill each other’s needs and be willing to cater to them to a certain extent.

2 and 8 – The pairing of these two name numbers will work well because each can play their role perfectly. The 8 caters to the world of business and accomplishment, tending to the financial needs of the family. The 2 attends to the family and can fondle the ego of their partner. Difficulty may arise when 8 ignores the value of labor put by 2.

2 and 9 – relationship between people of these two name numbers can both be or it can also be challenging. The 2 craves for constant attention, and 9 is a caring individual, but their concern if for the larger humanity and not so focused at home alone. People with name number as 9 can lead naturally and those with 2 as their numerological value are natural followers. Both can work as a great pair. 2 has to be given attention and never left alone by 9, while 2 should also know that love of 9 will never be over-demonstrated.

3 and 3 – The pairing of both these name numbers will be wild and exciting. Individuals belonging to same name numbers have high creative and social capability and are likely to have great fun in their relationship. They will support each other when in a relationship. The greatest challenged for the union of people of this same number will come when neither partner would shoulder the responsibility of taking care of mundane everyday details.

3 and 4 – Individuals with 3 as name number are spontaneous, while the number 4 are managers and their pairing can work like magic if both can find a middle path. The 3 likes to take each day as it comes while the 4 wants to work out a plan for the future. Both can balance each other’s weakness. The 3 can show 4 ways to enjoy life and have fun while the 4 can provide the number 3 a much-needed sense of security.

3 and 5 – People of these two name numbers make for one of the most workable social pairings that one can find. The two generally takes interest in each other and potential to amuse is almost never ending. Both should make the most of social opportunities, travel experiences, and different activities to avoid dullness to come into their relationship. Both are imaginative by nature, yet neither is good at managing the financial plan, so daily routine can cause problems sometimes.

3 and 6 – pairing of two individuals with these two name numbers can work naturally well in most cases. The 3 is full of energy and ideas, while the 6 lends steadiness, support, and motivation that often makes their relationship an ideal team in more than one ways. People of these two name numbers can work together to forge a strong and durable chemistry. The pitfall of this blend can come when the 6 get envious toward the flirtatious behavior of the number 3. the former will have to work out a way to deal with this inborn trait of 3.

3 and 7 – Individuals of these two name numbers have different personalities. The 3 are constantly engaged and active with a spin of activity around them. They undertake frequent, travel tours and maintain lengthy social contacts that the 7 will find difficult to bear. The 7 needs their free space and can only take active schedules as much as they are comfortable but soon will retreat to their peaceful and quiet space. Disagreement in this pairing can work against their relationship, and both will have to appreciate and realize the long-term need for conciliation. The key to making a good pair is to open a dialog regarding wishes, requirements, and objectives.

3 and 8 – Individuals with these two name numbers will have to put in extra bit of effort mostly because they have dissimilar needs. The 8 needs to have control on the other and power to feel content, and efforts focused to achieve these leave the 3 without care, attention and encouragement. This combination can be a good success if there they learn to find the middle path and compromise. People with 3 as name number needs to show 8 how to enjoy life and have fun, while 8 has to show 3 how to be focused on approaching goals. 8 are not so much frivolous in nature and this can sometimes work against the trait of 3.

3 and 9 – People with these two numerological name values can have the wonderful pairing as both are good at keeping each other continuously involved in a variety of creative pursuits. 3 and 9 have the love to be on stage and have keen interest to interact with people. Both have a caring attitude, while 9 can be sometimes too generous. The 9 plays the role of a teacher and the 3 can show interest to learn some lessons as a student. The pairing of these two numbers find unending joy in sharing experiences. The biggest challenge that this combination might face is that of settling down, and keeping a track of daily financial status. For people of these two name numbers, romantic escapades and exciting activities will always be vital even if they get settled.

4 and 4 – Pairing for individuals with 4 as name numbers is likely to be solid and secure. Both of them are good at managing the daily expenses and providing a completely secure financial environment. They can work together for aims that they stand for and nearly always wish to accomplish. Individuals of this number measure success as the continuous process of evolvement and growth and this also stands true for relationships of love. The challenge for success of this pairing will be to do away with the sense that nothing is ever completely okay. Individuals belonging to 4-name number will find it difficult to relax, be natural and enjoy each other and moments spend together.

4 and 5 – Individuals of these two numbers when paired together will have to face several challenges. Both of them have different personalities and different ways of expressing themselves. The 4 is very straightforward and to the point, while the 5 will be a little tactful and indirect. 4s are averse to change, and 5s need to bring in change in their life from time to time. To blend in successfully, both will have to understand the need to respect and reconcile the differences and pay heed to things being said and those that are inferred.

4 and 6 – People of these two name numbers can enter into a comfortable relationship of traditional types. This kind of pairing holds a great promise of success since the very beginning.

There are high chances of 6 trying to be in a leading role in this relationship. Individual with this name number finds security in home and family as the basis of establishing a satisfying long-term situation. The confrontation in this relationship will arise when both will have to compromise as neither of them is very good at this.

4 and 7 – Pairing of two individuals with 4 and 7 as numerological values of their name can be in a serious relationship but they are likely to blend well when driven by a mutual need for security. Relationship will work fine because of trust and devotion showed by both people. However, it may lack the fire or romance, enthusiasm and passion of some other combinations. Number 4 people provide security, solidarity and strong home values. The 7 helps in the continued mental development and provides adventure. The combination of these two numbers makes life both secure and yet exciting for both.

4 and 8 – People of these two name numbers can be in a comfortable relationship as both of them understand each other’s effort and have a good business sense required for getting success in finances. The 4 knows well how to plan cautiously, while the 8 has a more ostentatious approach to ventures. The only challenge in this combination can be one of finding enough time to spend together to make their romance alive. Yet, the pairing of individuals of these two name numbers can work well as both knows the way to build a safe and secure future.

4 and 9 – The temperament of individuals belonging to these two name numbers are so very different that a successful pairing between them looks a little unlikely. The 9 loves to socialize and cultivates compassionate instincts, while the people with name number 4 concentrate their energies on learning the basics of establishing a strong, secure and solid world. Both need to realize and accept the differences in their approach to succeed in their relationship. The 4 should make an effort to realize and appreciate the 9’s knowledge and intelligence, while the 9 must appreciate and value the 4’s steadiness to make the pairing work.

5 and 5 – Pairing of people with 5 as name number can work very well as compatibility reigns high in the combination of these individuals. People with 5-name number love independence and likes to be adventurous. They also welcome new ideas and accept the constant flow of changes. In the combination of two people with same name number as 5, partners can foresee the thoughts of the other person and the path they are taking. People of this number do not interfere too much into other’s areas and accept the freewheeling lifestyle. However, 5 lack the focus and challenges in this pairing arise in handling the mundane day-to-day affairs.

5 and 6 – Pairing of people with these two name numbers will have to do a great deal of compromise to work out their relationship. The 5 carves for freedom and space, while the 6 is known for exercising authority and playing a supervisory role. The 6 seeks complete sincerity and devotion and the 5 always looks for excitement, playful activity and new horizons. Both will have to find the middle path to work out their differences and make their relationship a success. It s best for the relationship if both could put in efforts to avoid any tendency to take on strong positions in areas that are in direct conflict with the other’s personality.

5 and 7 – The combination of people of these two name numbers will not like to be in a relationship that is full strict rules and procedures. There are similarities in a lot of ways in the two individuals of these name numbers and hence the relationship is likely to be very compatible. The 7 likes to have some time for themselves and loves free space to immerse in the world of learning and reflection in their private space. People with 5 as name number is always on the go and do not like to be a part of the relationship where constant attention becomes the pivotal feature. These two can merge their endless list of mutual interest and get well together to explore and further their leaning process.

5 and 8 – Pairing of people with these two numbers culminate in a relationship that does not live by the rules and procedures. Hence, they might find themselves in a disagreement most of the times when it comes to their relationship. The 8 likes to be in a domineering position and have authority to boss over others. The 5 likes to be free form abiding restrictions The 8 focuses its energies on getting success, particularly in the financial arena, while the 5 gives less thpught to things related to finances. Cautious approach, good planning and adjustment can make this relationship click.

5 and 9 – This is the kind of pairing between two people who have little enthusiasm to make efforts to work out their relationship into their hectic schedules. People belonging to both of these numbers are always in a continuous state of evolution and change. Hence, they are more likely to have common needs and tastes that can make their relationship work well. People of these two numbers find each other interesting and can work to keep their interest in each other for long. 9 are kind and generous and the 5 things progressively that makes them blend well. In order to have a successful combination, both need to establish security.

6 and 6 – Combination of two people with 6 as the name number can be great success as it’s a number that is charged with romance, but at the same time it is practical by nature. People with this name number place a lot of importance on home and family. Loved ones continue to be the top priority and this makes for a comfortable pairing of two people with 6 as name numbers. 6 can understand what is best for their partner and hence they can take good care of each other. However, they like to be in charge of all the family matters and hence they may be a conflict when two 6-name number people pair up. They have to decide as to who among them would take charge of family.

6 and 7 – People with these two name numbers are very different with completely different set of ideas about a relationship. The 6 name number individuals look for a complete, stable home and family as their key for achieving happiness. 7 are secretive in nature and it is difficult to understand their goal. One has to be patient enough or wait for right time to know their goals. They may get sexually attracted to each other but otherwise it is going to be a challenging combination. The 6 is bossy, and the 7 cannot be easily managed. Making this pairing a success requires the natural traits of both numbers to be blended well and compromised.

6 and 8 – People with these two name numbers can be in a positive and compatible relationship. Both of them are broad and open minded in most things that they do. Couple belonging to these two name numbers share a big vision and have innovative ideas. They work in a grand fashion to realize their ideas into actions. A pitfall to the relationship can happen when the domineering 6 has to compete with the business interests of the 8. Likewise, the 8 will be irritated when the demands of leading an executive and bossy life cramp the home

6 and 9 – It will blend well as the 9 is one of the few numbers which can earn 6’s utmost respect. The 6 wants to be the supreme authority in a family situation, and the 9 is never restrained in heaping praise as a token of gratitude. This often makes way for a mutual admiration environment that leads to a happy home for both partners.

7 and 7 – The eccentric behavior and approach of a 7 can only be very well understood by another 7. Hence the pairing of people with 7 as name numbers is bound to be good. Couple can find interest to freely spend moments in solitude. You can be on the same spiritual wavelength, but you have to make efforts to communicate your wishes to make your relationship highly compatible and successful.

7 and 8 – Blend of people of these two numbers will work well physically, but it may face emotional downsides. The 8 can be controlling and bossy, and the 7 likes to have a private space and have a tendency to object to attempts at being exerted with force and authority. Stability in the relationship can increase chances of long-term success of the pairing if they are ready to compromise.

7 and 9 – People of these two name numbers are unbiased, impartial in their relationship. Combination can be either a success or even a failure depending largely on spiritual beliefs. Both are spiritually inclined as their views on God may draw rigid lines between them. People with a spiritual harmony can make long-term success a possibility in their relationship.

8 and 8 – Pairing of two people with 8 as name numbers form the “Dynamic Duo” as this combination has full passion and love. Though the combination is strong and consistent, both partners can get distracted by professional demands and goals that exceed romantic possibilities.

8 and 9 – Combination of two individuals with these two name numbers can be challenging as both are motivated in very different ways. It can difficult for them to accept different ways of each other. 9 have deep humanitarian instincts and have lofty goals, while 8 looks for benefit that comes with material success and leadership. When they can work their differences, it can prove to be a strong and an inspirational pair.

9 and 9 – The relationship of two individuals with 9 as name numbers show high success probability. It is the pairing of two charismatic people with high intellectual talent. 9 is selfless and hence relationship offer the chance for growth and learning, serving as an inspiring combination.


1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
11 22


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