The Death card is ruled by Scorpio » a sign that is typically associated with death, sex and taxes. The number of this card is 13, which is considered a sacred number by the Goddesses as there are thirteen moons in a year.

The card depicts Death to be riding on a white horse with a black and white flag in hand. Death here has been symbolized by a skeletal figure wearing armor that adds to his invincibility for death is something no one can conquer.

The white horse is a symbol of purity since death is the ultimate purifier. After death, everything is reborn pure and fresh. Every cross section of human population – men, women and children » are depicted in the card that is a clear indication that Death never discriminates according to age, race or gender. This impartiality is also depicted by the grey background of the card.

The black flag represents darkness, while the white motif on it is again symbolic to beauty, purity and immortality. The immortality factor is also stressed by the rising sun in the background for the sun sets each evening only to renew the hope of a fresh sunrise every morning.

The two pillars guarding the gateway to the sun symbolize ultimate knowledge. The boat helps souls ferry across River Styx that flows to demarcate Earth and the Underworld.

Upright Position: In a reading this card does not necessarily mean death literally. It means new beginnings which can happen only after a chapter is closed.

Reversed Position: In reverse, the card indicates stagnancy which is deterrent to the regular flow of life.

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Major Arcana
Chariot Death Devil
Emperor Empress Fool
Hanged Man Hermit Judgment
Justice Lover(s) Bateleur (‘Magician’)
Moon Pope (‘Hierophant’) Popess (‘High Priestess’)
Star Strength Sun
Temperance Maison Dieu (‘Tower’) Wheel of Fortune

Minor Arcana
Ace of Coins Ace of Cups Ace of Swords
Ace of Batons Eight Coins Eight Cups
Eight Swords Eight Batons Five Coins
Five Cups Five Swords Five Batons
Four Coins Four Cups Four Swords
Four Batons King of Coins King of Cups
King of Swords King of Batons Knight of Coins
Knight of Cups Knight of Swords Knight of Batons
Nine Coins Nine Cups Nine Swords
Nine Batons Queen of Coins Queen of Cups
Queen of Swords Queen of Batons Seven Coins
Seven Cups Seven Swords Seven Batons
Six Coins Six Cups Six Swords
Six Batons Ten Coins Ten Cups
Ten Swords Ten Batons Three Coins
Three Cups Three Swords Three Batons
Two Coins Two Cups Two Swords
Two Batons Valet of Coins Valet of Cups
Valet of Swords Valet of Batons