When the New Year festivity knocks at the doorstep; Gear up to pack your bags and fly off to the most sought-after and superb New Year destinations located round the world. You too, Welcome New Year in a great style. Select a New Year destination of your own choice and take your big bunch of friends and family. Get Top 5 New Year Eve Destinations around the world.

Top 5 New Year Eve Destinations:

Times Square, USA

On the even of New Year Times Square in New York comes alive. The streets are jam packed, loud music can be heard, sparkles and glitter of the crackers, overshadow the stars in the sky at night. Locals and tourists from far-flung areas opt New York as their New Year destination because of its liveliness that is exuberated on the 31st December. Times Square gets packed to the hilt and as the countdown begins, everyone shouts 10, 9,8…3,2,1 and HAPPY NEW YEAR. When you are here, you will agree with the fact that New Yorkers know how to party. Swanky hotels, local pubs, discos, delectable meals in restaurants and cafeterias are all here to make your night special.

Sydney, Australia

Ring in the New Year with the spectacular fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. To accompany you will be the brilliantly coordinated music being played in the background. In the middle of all the celebration, a boat ride in the Sydney harbour is truly the perfect icing on the cake.

London, England

Watch out the final countdown alongside the Big Ben and see London explode in brilliant lights and colors. See the brilliance of fireworks over Thames River and join in thousands others to welcome the New Year with the big bang.

Paris, France:

One of the beautiful cities: Paris is also one of the most popular New Year destinations in the world. On the New Year Eve the City of Light comes into full force. Two places which attract the maximum crowd are the Champs Elyse’s and the Eiffel tower.

Tokyo, Japan

Fun and frolic on the streets of Tokyo elevates the New Year carnival. The hangover of the New Year celebration prevails for about a week in Tokyo. In the midnight chortling of the temple’s bells can be heard. People visit temples and pray for happiness and prosperity for the upcoming year.