India is culturally rich country where the celebration of a festival is unimaginable without songs and dance, so how can be the biggest and brightest festival diwali can be an exception? Indian musicians have gifted us with many melodious and foot-tapping songs for the occasion, let’s have a look:


Title: “Diwali ki raat piya ghar aane waale hai” (‘My hubby will arrive the Diwali night)

Film : ‘Amar Kahani’

Sung y b: Suraiya

This 50 year old song is still quite popular and played widely during the festival. The musical appeal and the evergreen charm of the song has not faded away, and the credit goes to the melodious voice of Suraiya. This song says about a woman who is eagerly waiting for her husband to come back home on this auspicious night of Diwali from work. She lights the lamps for the festival as well as for the occasion which will be meaningful to her only when he comes. Her eyes are glued to the lanes through which he will arrive, and her heart is eagerly waiting. This song depicts the true essence of the Diwali festival, which is love and togetherness between individuals.


Title : “Happy Diwali”

Film : ‘Home Delivery’

Sung by : Sunidhi Chauhan, Aparna Jha, Vaishali, Surthi, Divta, Suraj

The chorus song asks everyone to rejoice during the festival and enjoy with their friends and lovers, which even asks to include the strangers as well! It wishes everyone a very “happy diwali ” and tells us to enjoy the festival of lights to the fullest forgetting all odds of life.


Title : ‘Aayi Hai Diwali’ ( ‘Diwali has arrived’ )

Film : “Aamdani Atthani Kharcha Rupaiya”

Sung by : Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik and Shaan.

The song is new but it has become quite popular during Diwali due to its wonderful lyrics and foot tapping beats. It emphasizes the spirit of togetherness among married couples during the festival and tries to ignite the flames of love between them. The song tells how grand the fireworks should be or why women should adorn themselves with traditional jewelry while Diwali knocks the door. Though garnished with raunchy humor but the inner meaning of the true spirit of the festival is well prepared for the mass.


Title : “Deep Jale Ghar Ghar Mein” (‘Lamps are lit in every house’)

Film : ‘Ghar Ghar Diwali’

Sung by : Lata Mangeshkar and Shyam Inder

This old classic sung by the Nightingale of Indian cinema, is still played by many during the festival. The lyrics depict the how much eagerly people wait for the festival and how this festival of light and sound can change the quality of one’s life towards a positive notion. The resonance of the tune will haunt you for a long time and you will be able to connect to the lyrics as they will touch your heart and emotions.


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