Playing games is a great way to be entertained and get some clean fun. If you are looking for ways to make your Christmas celebrations more fun filled, these family Christmas games can be quite useful.

A time that needs to be celebrated

Christmas gives you the chance to enjoy some quality time with your family members. This is the time when you can meet with those family members who live far away from you. It is also the time for homecoming for all those who live away from their family. So it is a time that needs to be celebrated as nicely as possible. Here are some lovely family games for Christmas. Check them out and play them with your family members during Christmas.

Family Christmas Game Ideas

Here are some wonderful Christmas games to play with the family.

Pin the nose on the Snowman

This one is a really amusing game. The players will have lots of laughs trying this game and watching others play it.

    • Make a large drawing of the face of a snowman on a glossy paper piece.


    • Stick the paper piece to a wall.


    • Cut a portion out of the broad end of an orange carrot. This will let you have a carrot with a flat base.


    • Apply adhesive onto the flat base of the carrot.


    • Blindfold a player and turn him/her round and round. This makes it difficult to guess where the drawing is.


    • Hand over the sticky carrot piece to the player. Ask him/her to try to stick the nose where it is supposed to go.


    • Let everyone try once. The player who sticks the carrot closest wins the prize.


Sing a Christmas Carol

This is one of the coolest family Christmas games to exist.

    • Have all the members of your family sit in a circle.


    • Ask one of the players to sing the first line of any famous Christmas carol.


    • As soon as the player stops, the participant sitting beside him/her should sing the next line.


    • If the player does not know the line, he or she should be declared as ‘OUT’. But the player will be allowed to continue. The chance will go to the participant sitting beside this player.


    • The game goes on until all the players are marked ‘OUT’ at least once.


Dish Puzzle

It is one of the most wonderful Christmas Games for the family. You will really enjoy playing this entertaining game during Christmas.

    • Write down the names of several Christmas dishes on strips of paper. Each strip should contain a name of a Christmas dish.


    • Tear each strip from the middle so that at least three or four letters of the dish remain on each paper. Say if the word is ‘PUDDING’, split it as ‘PUD-‘ and ‘DING’.


    • Mix all the torn strips in a large tray. Ask the participants to find out the names of the dishes by matching the strips.


    • The player who matches the maximum number of strips wins the game.


Play these wonderful family Christmas games in the holidays. You will never have a boring moment during your Christmas celebrations.

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