Remember that famous last line of Bernard Shaw in Arms and the Man about the hero Bluntschli? “What a Man, Is he a man?” That really gets us wondering about what really is a man?

Or rather who really is a man? Is he what Bob Dylan sang as How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man? So what is he?

And what is a real man then? Without getting into didactics, let us just safely surmise that a real man is one who can make proper and apt New Year Resolutions and what’s more; can stick to them and execute them. Well…That is whom we can call a real man!

Now why is it important to have New Year resolutions? New Year resolutions are not new and have historical significance of being promises made towards God. Over the years New Year’s resolutions have come to signify certain set of self disciplines propounded to elevate oneself or basically certain rules for self improvement. It does not really concern anybody else or barring your most intimate soul mate, than yourself.

It has to be made by you and it has to be followed by you. Nobody, but you can convince yourself to be a better human being; a human being of whom you, yourself will be proud of. So on that note , let us take a quick look at what could be in your pipeline to be considered for adopting albeit tweaks and turns for your new year resolution.

  • Stop letting people dictate you – as the famous song went – It’s actually and ultimately your life; so just stop letting people intervene and dictate on what you are going to do with your life. Fine if you stumble and falter; those are your mistakes and consider them to be a learning curve.
  • Be appreciative and start controlling your physical domain- by this what we are trying to emphasize is that try to appreciate your home environ, that is the material things filling up your physical space. Arrange and rearrange them so that they suit you. Remember a basic maxim that if you want to control things around yourself, start from the things at home cause they do have an innate effect on your sub conscious.
  • Let go of people and activities which are not beneficial for you. Remember the idiom that “Time and tide wait for no man”? So your time and efforts are valuable. Give up on people and habits or activities which are no longer beneficial for you and have become wasteful.
  • Never let anyone to put you down. Once you degrade yourself, or allow someone to place you in a position below them- you will never be able to bring yourself up.
  • Let her know. Just let her know if you are interested in her. If she does not take the initiative; then you need to take it to make things happen.
  • Then again on the reverse, if you feel that she does not need you…then move on. There is always someone else. So don’t waste your time and efforts on someone who is not worth it… just move on!
  • Learn to look at things in black and white. Admittedly there are grey areas and characters in life; but that is just a ploy in our minds I believe to stop being decisive.  Just know that you need to prioritize; that if it is not right, then it is wrong.
  • Make a firm goal for every single day. Know what exactly you are going to do, start the day with a purpose; to make the day fruitful have a concrete aim. Stop wasting days without any purpose. Time is the essence.
  • Make healthier eating habits. Cut junk and crap food out of your system and your food habits. Respect and treat your digestive system and your body well.  Building a healthier eating habit will go a long way in respecting and treating yourself well. Well… you can cheat one day in a week; after all you need to satiate the glutton in yourself as well!
  • Understand there is no point in making newer friends who do not do any value addition to your life. You already have enough people; and as it is it is always wiser to have a few shoulders to lean on than an entire crowd. Be qualitative and not quantitative in terms of friends and acquaintances. Remember that newer bonds will require more time for you to invest. Better to nurture the one you already have.
  • Continuing on the earlier thread, remember that negative people have a negative effect on your life; so it is better to let people go who have a negative impact on you, who create a negative ambience in your life.
  • Prioritize. That is perhaps one of the most important resolutions that one can take and one can adhere to. Prioritizing will happen when you realize and recognize what is important to you. You need to remind yourself of what and who your priorities are; otherwise you will lose the focus of your life.
  • Never believe that just because you deserve, all good things will fall at your feet.  You need to focus and put in a consolidated effort to get what you want, and then only will you attain it.
  • Respect your elders. Never forget that they took care of you once and now it is your turn to take care and notice of them. Appreciate their presence in your life. Remember, you too will grow old someday.
  • Own up. Learn to accept the responsibilities of your own actions. If you think you did something wrong. Own up. There is nothing wrong in admitting your mistakes and learning a lesson out of them.
  • Make a bucket list and start striking off lists off that as and when you can. You never know till how long your life will last, so as Tennyson said…”drink life to the lees”. Live your life to the fullest.
  • Most importantly, if you feel that any issue needs to be addressed, do it. Address it. Don’t wait for something to happen. Nothing will happen till you make it happen. Thus things are in your hand to make them happen, to bring them to fruition.


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