The Four of Coins (Pentacles) card portrays a man richly dressed sitting on a stool. Far away in the background the skyline of a town is seen – presumably the man’s hometown.

The man is somewhat isolated from where he belongs it seems. There are four pentacles in his possession – one is balanced on his head, one he holds with both hands, and the other two are securely placed under his feet, one under each respectively.

The man seems to be very defensive about his possessions and clutches as if he fears a loss. The man has to remain stationary in his position since his feet are busy guarding the pentacles. He is so engrossed with what he has that he cannot do anything else. His eyes look tired of hard work, but there is a hint of smile on his lips that suggests that he is satisfied with his accomplishments and possessions.

Upright Position: In a reading this card holds both positive and negative implications. On one hand this card brings assurance of accomplishment, material possessions and sometimes even inheritance. However, on the other hand it may suggest greed and jealousy. The card may also signify an inflexible attitude even when the situation demands a change for the betterment.

Reversed Position: Reversed, the card may indicate hardship and loss of material possession. It may also be a signal to be a little flexible and not to be very defensive about accomplishments and possessions. The subject may need to step out of the comfort zone and explore life in its glory apart from the worldly pleasures.

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Major Arcana
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Emperor Empress Fool
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Justice Lover(s) Bateleur (‘Magician’)
Moon Pope (‘Hierophant’) Popess (‘High Priestess’)
Star Strength Sun
Temperance Maison Dieu (‘Tower’) Wheel of Fortune

Minor Arcana
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Eight Swords Eight Batons Five Coins
Five Cups Five Swords Five Batons
Four Coins Four Cups Four Swords
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Knight of Cups Knight of Swords Knight of Batons
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Six Coins Six Cups Six Swords
Six Batons Ten Coins Ten Cups
Ten Swords Ten Batons Three Coins
Three Cups Three Swords Three Batons
Two Coins Two Cups Two Swords
Two Batons Valet of Coins Valet of Cups
Valet of Swords Valet of Batons