Gemini is ruled by the Planet Mercury that blesses them with intellect and communication skills. Capricorn is ruled by the Planet Saturn that gives them the Power of endurance and purpose.

These two are very opposing forces and may cause each other to suppress their natural tendencies. Gemini, being an Air sign, is more theoretical and analytical; while Capricorn, being an Earth sign, is more practical, efficient and steady. Gemini tends to take everything lightly, even the relationship and their partner. Capricorn, on the other hand, is sincere about both and expects the same kind of devotion from their partner too.

Gemini always prefers things out of the box. They are blessed with quick wit, humor and intelligence, and love to travel the path of life in a fast track. Capricorn likes to follow a tried and tested path and are generally thorough about whatever they do. Capricorn is all about method and is also concerned not only about the journey, but also the destination – they are steady and goal oriented. Gemini’s bubbly exuberance is a sharp contrast to Capricorn’s quiet countenance. Gemini is a master of ingenious plans, and Capricorn is a leader in execution. Gemini is also quick to see loopholes, while Capricorn can device methods to overcome them. Capricorn covets control. Gemini is pretty flexible and is happy to let Capricorn take the lead as long as they are not forced into it. Gemini and Cancer can beautifully complement each other if they agree not to disagree with one another.

Gemini Man and Capricorn Woman

Gemini man’s quick wit and sharp intellect attracts a Capricorn woman. However, she shall soon find out that her man is all about unhindered freedom. Capricorn woman builds a small world of her own filled with loyalty and love. She may get hurt by Gemini man’s impulsive flirtatious tendencies. She shall learn to endure if her man can assure his devotion towards the relationship.

Gemini Woman and Capricorn Man

This match between a conservative man and an adventurous woman is bound to face many hurdles. Although the man may initially feel amused at her zeal for life, he shall eventually try to restrict her from taking risks. This would clash with Gemini’s independent spirit. She would, however, respect her man for his determination and focus.

The main problem that arises in this match, as far as astrological view point is concerned, is the clash between the happy-go-lucky nature of Gemini and the somber approach of Capricorn. The former is impulsive, while the latter is composed. Gemini likes to play with a lot of ideas at the same time, and is not necessarily focused on achieving the dreams – it is weaving those dreams that matter most to Gemini. Capricorn, on the other hand, is sincere about accomplishing any task that she/he takes up, no matter how difficult or tedious it may be. Capricorn likes routine, while Gemini abhors monotony. When in a relationship, these two should try to complement each other instead of criticizing each other’s ways. When Capricorn learns to have a little fun in love and Gemini remembers to focus so as to bring a purpose to their life, the relationship would achieve balance and harmony.

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