It is known to all that most women are sentimental about gifts. To them, every detail and every gesture counts. As the New Year approaches you are surely looking forward to making it special for the women in your life by gifting them something thoughtful and nice – be it your mom, aunt, grand-mom, sister, girlfriend, wife or friend.

These gifts would be intimate and personal. But then again you should be ready with a set of formal gift ideas for those ladies who may be your boss, colleague, teacher or business associate. We present before you a set of New Year Gift ideas for Women that combine the two – but remember that these are just ideas for you to work upon.

And before you dispatch or take your gift to the recipient, do not forget to wrap them in a beautiful paper, or put them in a lovely gift box or bag, or tie a cute bow of ribbon round the gift – in short, put emphasis on the presentation, for these little things make a huge impression on a woman’s mind.

  • Homemade cake or cookies – If you want to get the ‘awwws’ and ‘aaahhhhs’, and hit the soft spot on a women’s heart, try your hands on baking a cake or a batch of cookies. This would be a great gift for any woman you know – be it your neighbor, teacher, friend, associate or relative. Simple recipes are available for beginners. Even if that seems too much for you get a ready to use cake or cookie mix and simply follow the instructions on the back of the pack.
  • Fashion Accessories – No woman would even think that she has enough accessories in her closet. Accessories could be as expensive as a precious metal and stone jewelry, say in case of your mother or wife; as formal as a leather wallet, in case of a colleague or associate; or as dressy as a shoe or belt or fashion jewelry, in case of your friend or sister.
  • Store Credits – Most women love to shop, and when you are unsure of what to gift a woman, the best gift would perhaps be a store credit that fits your budget. Make sure you chose a store that would offer various options so that the recipient can pick something that is of interest to her. Example – a store credit of a crafts store will be useless for a person who is not into creative stuff, a store that deals with gardening is futile for a person who does not possess a green thumb, etc. However, some people think that this playing safe method lacks warmth and personal touch. Add these by writing a line or two on the gift envelope that holds the card. Surely no one can deny the utility of these cards!
  • Toiletries – Most women would find a basket of aromatic toiletries too tempting to resist. Club together a bottle each soothing bath salt, essential oils, moisturizers and body mist to make a lovely yet useful hamper. You could also consider gifting a perfume – if you are unsure of the woman’s taste stick to a fragrance that is neither too mild nor too strong.
  • Books or DVDs – For a voracious reader or a movie buff, nothing can bring more happiness than a book for a DVD. However, it is important to make sure that you don’t gift one that the recipient already possesses. When in doubt, a gift card from a reputed bookstore or a DVD store would be your savior. If you want to gift a year full of pleasure, a membership subscription to a library (book or DVD) would do the trick.
  • Home Décor – Most women take pride in their home. Add to its beauty by gifting an item that would enhance the beauty of her residence. It could be something as delicate as a porcelain plate on a stand for her hutch, a beautiful vase or showpiece for her mantle, a framed art to spruce up the walls – the options are endless. It would be best if you kept in mind the taste of the recipient and whether her home has a theme. Example – if her home is designer French country style, a modern piece of décor would not fit in (although it would be a great gift for someone with a contemporarily done up home); or if her home is rustic, a mirror made of shells would not look appropriate (although someone with a nautical décor would love it for her home).
  • Games for Girls’ Nights – If the lady in question is a social butterfly, you could gift her a game set that she can play with her friends as they spend hours chatting and giggling. There are many board games and card games available in the markets that allow multiple players to have fun.
  • China to show off when she’s entertaining – If the lady in question loves to entertain, she would surely treasure an elegant dinner set or a set of crystal glasses. A set of serving bowls, platters and spoons would also make her a functional and cherished gift. On a smaller scale, a dessert bowl set or a set of coffee mugs are also handy and appreciated.
  • Gift Hampers – When you are unsure of what would make the woman in question happy, you can consider assembling a number of small gifts (like chocolates, cookies, snack sachets, soft toys etc) and making a hamper out of them. Wrap it beautifully and send it along with some flowers.
  • A Bottle of Wine – For a woman who enjoys the luxuries of life, a bottle of Riesling or a Rose Shiraz or a Dessert Wine would seal the deal. If you want to make it a little more elaborate add a small platter of fruit, chocolates or cheese alongside.

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