Halloween is a celebration all around the globe, though short-spanned yet it is full of fun. During this time, both kids and adults get dressed up in Halloween costumes and throws open a Halloween party. It is time for all to indulge themselves in ultimate ecstasy.

Have you ever hosted a Halloween party? There are varied Halloween party ideas – whereby you can plan a Halloween party yourself at home with all the minute planning information, Halloween tips and suggestions. As October 31 is the date of the mega Halloween celebration, it is high time you start planning well in advance.

Have you planned the theme of the Halloween party? Will it be a traditional Halloween Costume Party, or a Pumpkin Carving Party, a Horror Movie Fest, or a full fledged Halloween Block Party? You can make any one of these a reality. So, take the initiative and host your own Halloween party inviting all your friends and family!

So, its time for you to entertain your friends and family with the best Halloween party for the next two years!

Best Halloween Party ideas

1.Monster Footprints

Take a magic marker and draw the shape of a footprint on a big sponge and then take the cut out. You have to put some washable paint in a 1/8 inch aluminum pan. Make sure to press the sponge in the paint. Place it on the side of your front door for a trick-or-treat.

2.Green Pumpkins

Carve green peppers as jack-o-lanterns and make a whole row of them. You can try them with yellow and red peppers as well. Place a bunch of scary faces to greet the goblins at the front door. Fright is surely guaranteed.


You have to crumple up a piece of tissue paper into a ball and place it at the center of a flat piece of tissue paper. Draw a face with a felt pen and hang them all over the house.

4.Bobbing Ghosts

Draw a horrid mask on a piece of cheesecloth with the help of a felt pen. Put some ghosts in a box and when suddenly someone opens the box, the ghosts will float up and make everyone scared.

Some Ideas for a Halloween Party

  • Simple fun party
  • Scary Party
  • Creepy Party
  • Ghosts and Goblins Party

Be it any kind of party, you have to take the initiation right from inviting the guests to your party to arranging every bit of it. Concentrate on the theme of the party, for instance, if it is scary – make sure that you include all the fear elements to frighten your guests. Few Halloween party elements could be

  • Jack-o-Lanterns
  • Trick or treat candy boxes
  • Paper skeletons
  • Carved pumpkins
  • Other innovative ideas

The invitation card itself could be innovative. Yu have to just apply your creativity – the invitation card can take the shape of a winged bat, a goblin, or a phantom’s mask or also a shape of the skull.

How to plan a simple Fun Halloween Party?

You can ask your guests to dress up in synch with the theme. If you have kept it as a historic theme, go in for some medieval period jackets coupled with golden buttons and wigs. Couple it with foiled sticks which can act as swords. You can also dress up in a legend’s attire, like that of Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, or John Lennon.

How to plan a Scary Halloween Party?

To scare your guests in a scary Halloween Party, you can use a dark interior, like deep red flooring. Make sure you cover the walls with red, blue or bottle green. The hall or the room where the party is being held, are covered with dark colored micro watt bulbs. Use dry ice, cob webs, plastic bats stuck or wall hangings.

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