Homemade activities are fun when on a Christmas holiday. You can indulge in making some interesting homemade Christmas crafts along with your friends and family. This can form as a part of your preparation for the Christmas celebrations.

Christmas decorations require a lot of items. It often becomes difficult to get so many tiny items from the shops. At times it is also an expensive affair.But if these amazing Christmas decor items are made at home, they come cheap and can be made in plenty.

Excellent Homemade Christmas Crafts

There are several things which can be produced right at home. All you need to arrange for are things like a pair of scissors, glue, and several colored felts and so on. Some of the simple homemade Christmas crafts include:

  1. Frilly Christmas tree: To make this beautiful Christmas tree is not a very tough job. All you need is a wooden round base with a straight and hard wire. You will then need some green satin thin ribbons and cut it in different sizes. Then paste it one by one alternatively. Let the bigger ones be at the bottom of the wire and the tiniest ones at the top making it look as a cone. Your tree is done but now you need to decorate it.
  2. Mini Santa Claus: Well, you do not need to think hard to make a cute little Santa Claus. All you need is some Ice cream bar sticks and red, white and black colored felts, glue and ribbons. You can carve the hat or Santa’s cap with the red felt with a while round tip. You can further cover the lower portion with red felt and make designs by pasting some black felt. Then make the eyes, nose and lips with a black sketch. Your little Santa is ready.
  3. Bead Wreath: This is a simple ornament which can be easily created with the help of white and golden colored beads. These beads can be weaved in a small wire alternatively and ties with the golden wire at the top. You can also use other color beads to make the wreath ornament as per your imagination.
  4. Puzzle Wreath: To make this simple yet beautiful wreath, you would need some puzzles pieces which can be colored in green color. Then collect colorful buttons, a thin white ribbon, green glitter glue and hot glue. Weave the green colored puzzle pieces into a thin wire and tie it at the top with the thin white ribbon. Paste the different colored buttons on the wreath made of puzzle pieces.
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