One of the most unique cities in the world, the growth that Hong Kong has seen in the recent years is phenomenal. Almost anything that you desire can be procured in this magical land, and the New Year celebrations are perhaps one of the grandest that you can ever find.

Replete with fireworks, to parties to gatherings, be it culture or flavour, the oriental feel of the city mixed with the Avant garde ambience will leave you breathless.

So get ready for a head spinning experience as we have compiled for you a list of things that you can do when planning to spend your New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong.

  • The New Year’s countdown at Times Square:

The grand event during New Years’ time in Kong Is perhaps the New Year’s countdown that happens at the Times Square, for those who want to be a part of a street gathering and revelling this is perhaps the closest you can come to it. So as thousands gather to watch the clock strike twelve, and the sounds of cheering hit the sky, there is no other place you should be when the New Year begins. There shall be lots of entertainment in the form of liv music and stalls so, just absorb the feel of a New Year with the New Year’s countdown in Hong Kong.

  • The New Year Celebrations at Victoria Harbour:

For those of you who love fireworks and love to celebrate in style, the best fireworks display would probably be the fireworks display that is held on top of the Victoria Harbour each year at midnight. The view is truly spectacular, and the skyline above the Hong Kong islands appear to be bejewelled and bedecked it is truly a beautiful sight to behold. So climb on the boat as you sail under a star lit sky. For those who cannot hop on aboard you can try to witness the display from the Avenue stars which is almost equally beautiful a view.


  • The New Year Parties at Lan Kwai Fong:

The street and bars that are present in Lan Kwan Kai are the best bet for people who are ravelling in groups or are looking for a crowd, if you are looking for slightly cheaper alternatives then too this is the place you would want to be in. You can grab drinks from the nearby pubs and drink on the streets, the food being amazing, there are also a number parties that you can attend when in Lan Kwai Fong.

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  • Dining in Luxury Hotels:

For those who would rather spend the money and not have to mingle with the crowds, Hong Kong can provide you with exquisite fine dining options, with opulent parties and delicious food, you can indulge your senses in a plethora of sights as you sit and sip chilled champagne. Hotels like The Peninsula or the famous four Seasons all provide spectacular Hong Kong New Year dinners and while you can have a lovely view of the fireworks as the sky is lit, you can indulge in some fine time with your loved on the occasion of New Year’s.

So whatever your choice of activity be Hong Kong can cater to your desires, so plan a trip to Hong Kong and have a lovely New Year’s.

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