The beautiful island country of New Zealand, which comprises of many small and big size islands, celebrates New Year on January 1 in accordance to the Georgian calendar.

New Year is considered to be an absolute festival on its own by the natives of New Zealand. It is the time of the year, when some of the biggest parties of the country are organized.

The people of New Zealand very much believe in the essence and significance of New Year, and consider it as amongst the most ancient festivities to be celebrated all across the world. As an impact of the same, one can clearly sense the intensive degree of dynamism and enthusiasm involved in New Year celebrations in New Zealand. The celebrations are so grand and unique, that people from all across the world come all the way to New Zealand to witness it live.

New Year Celebrations in New Zealand

Most of the New Year celebrations in New Zealand are organized openly, under the sky, Thousands of people come together to be a part of it. Some of them have extended celebrations of few days, which keep all the visitors pretty pleased and entertained. People in Auckland on the occasion of New Year prefer to move to Whangamata on the Coromandal Peninsula, to the town of Mount Maunganui, located in the Bay of Plenty of New Zealand, or to Gisborne.

Around sixty thousand people from various towns of New Zealand make a visit to Whangamata during the time of New Year. Mount Maunganui is eminently known for hosting some great New Year parties for young people. Gisborne hosts a large open-air concert. People also visit to Gisborne as it is the first place to have rising Sun of the New Year shining over it in New Zealand.

The beach parties as organized at South Island, Nelson, Takaka, Wanaka, and Queenstown are highly based on the modern day party concepts, which have musical shows, dance programs, and other entertaining programs, with few thousands in attendance. The distinctive aspect associated with all these New Year celebrations is the place where they are organized. The natural beauty and the craft with which God has created them is simply exceptional and out of this world, which is enough to make New Year an exceptional experience for anyone.

Traditional New Year Celebrations in New Zealand

New Year is also the time when people express their gratitude and thankfulness to the supreme Lord for conferring them with something new. People holding optimistic beliefs pray for a bright and peaceful future, and set up their aspirations and resolutions for the coming time. It is also considered as a time when one should move out and away from all the troubles, miseries, difficulties, and hard times of the past.

The natives as well as those visiting New Zealand on New Year have lots of exciting options to choose from. Those who love adventure, can have world of options in New Zealand such as heli biking, heli fishing, horse-trekking, mountain-biking, sky diving, tower-climbing, jet-boating, kayaking. The parties organized all over the town, offers something for people of every generation. What one can be sure of is that one will end up welcoming the New Year with lots of dancing, laughing, and celebrating in the midst of the firecrackers show set off exactly at the midnight ring of twelve.

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