The Jewish New Year, more popularly known as Rosh Hashanah, is one of the most popular festivals in Jewish society.


This Jewish New Year is observed in the month of Tishri, according to the Gregorian calendar while during the months of September and October. This new year is a celebration of the creation of the earth.

It is believed that it is that day, when God opened the book of fate and wrote the destiny of the earth as well as the human being. Jewish from all over the world celebrates this festival by giving away Jewish New Year gifts to their near and dear ones.


In Hebrew language, Rosh Hashanah refers to the ‘head of the year’ or ‘the Feast of the Trumpets’. Given below are some popular gifts ideas for Jewish New Year:


Jewish New Year Gift Baskets

    • Pure essential Jewish New Year gift: In this gift basket, you can get all the food items, which may include a fresh baked challah, signature chocolate babka, mixed flavor rugelach, and California dried fruit. The fresh baked challah is the must have item for this gift basket. Apart from this, you can add dry fruits in the gift basket.


    • Food baskets for Jewish New Year: Jewish New Year cannot be celebrated with the food baskets. Challah or the two loaves of bread should be there in the food basket. Apart from this, you can add apples and honey in the basket. What you have to do is to dip the apples in the honey and preserve it on a wrapping paper. Moreover, cinnamon, honey, yams, carrots, and prunes can also be added.



    • Babka Gift Basket for Jewish New Year: You can gift a willow basket to your family and friends on this occasion. In this basket, you can add chocolate babka, which is the must have thing. After this, some items like cinnamon babka, black and white cookies, assorted-flavor rugelach, Chukar’s chocolate covered cherries, cashews, chocolate Raspberry Truffle bar, dark chocolate bar with Almonds, coffee, roboostas, and chocolate covered coffee beans.



    • Dry fruit basket for Jewish New Year: If you want to give something healthy to your near and dear ones, you should opt for the dry fruit baskets. These baskets contain all the kosher dry fruits including apricots, pears, almonds, Hawaiian macadamias, peaches, red plums, smoked almonds, Brazilian jumbo cashews and many more. After assorting all the dry fruits, make sure to wrap them wonderfully. Moreover, make sure that all the dry fruits are visible.


These are some of the Jewish New Year gifts, which you can present to your family and friends to make the occasion memorable for them. Foods play a vital role in Jewish New Year celebration and it shows in the gift ideas as well.


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