Melbourne hosts big celebrations to celebrate the Chinese New Year each year. It will be no different even this year as the city gears up to amuse its visitors and residents with a series of programs planned for the special festive day.

With Lunar Year being one of the highlights of Melbourne’s annual events of calendar, grand festivities last not just for one day but stretch for a period of about 15 days. It is not just the people following the Chinese Lunar calendar who partake in these events but many Melbournians have a spectacular time joining in the celebrations.

Chinese New Year for 2019 will be celebrated on 5th of Feb 2019. Revelers in Melbourne can gallop to the year of the Pig in 2019 by being a part of the gala festivities held as strong tradition by all locals. Festivities in Melbourne commence with a traditional reunion dinner being organized by family members and friends. The events that kick off with a lavish meal spread on the eve of the Chinese New Year culminates with a Chinese Lantern Festival held after two weeks.

Melbourne erupts in bright colors and celebratory mood as a slew of events are organized to exhibit the rich cultural heritage and traditional Chinese historical treasures. Events for welcoming the Year of the Horse are to be held in 8 locations in and around Melbourne. Visit Richmond: Victoria Street located at the North Richmond on Sunday 18th January to be a part of the first event held as part of the Chinese New Year. Also, take a trip to Springvale on Sunday 26th of January, St Albans Town Centre on Sunday 5th of January, Market Street and Main Street in Box Hill on Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd of February, Russell St. Melbourne in Chinatown on Sunday 2nd February, Kingsway, Glen Waverley on Sunday 9th of February and Hopkins Street, Footscray on Sun 2nd of February.

Catch the special screening of the curated program on the big screen at the Fed Square in St Pauls Court organized as part of the Lunar New year celebrations, to commence on Friday 31st of January. Immerse yourself in the richness of the Chinese culture as you delight in the traditional dance and drumming event being performed on Saturday 1st February by artists in colorful costumes. Delightful musical performances by Melbourne’s Chinese choir are kept to entertain the guests attending the celebrations. Learn about mass Tai Chi and Health Qigong through sessions planned to be held in the square and visit the exhibition Mahjong games.

As you celebrate the Chinese New Year, also consider being a part of the Bendigo’s Awakening of the Dragon ceremony along with many other colorful festivities organized through the Golden Dragon Museum in Mebourne. It is also a great idea to dig into savories of finest Melbourne’s Chinese restaurants during the festive period. The Sacred Dragon Awakening Ceremony is another grand event to be held on Saturday 28th of January 2019. Experience the myriad hues of Chinese culture as take part in the amazing line-up of events for the Chinese New Year.

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