New Year always evokes in us emotions that are special, and New Year 2015 would be no different. Whether you belong to the fun loving category or the serious type, you can never escape the clutches of excitement that grips us all as a brand New Year approaches.

In 2015, New Year or January 1 is a Thursday, and we are sure many of you are already making plans for extending the upcoming weekend to either visit your hometown, spend time with your family or friends, party like there’s no tomorrow or take that vacation you have been craving for! To let you enjoy the advent of the New Year to your heart’s content, most countries declare the first day of the Gregorian calendar a public holiday!

We at 123NewYear are gearing up too to make your New Year a special one. We bring before you party ideas complete with menu planning, costume planning and more, to welcome 2015. We help you plan the whole year in advance by bringing for you beautiful downloadable calendars for the year 2015. If you want to give your gadget a brand new adornment, we have for you a bunch of wonderfully designed wallpapers for the purpose.

If you find it difficult to write your thoughts, we help you by providing a varied assortment of New Year wishes, messages and quotes that are sure to fill up the heart of the recipient with warmth. If you have interest in tarot, horoscope and other similar stuff, we cater to detailed predictions about how the New Year 2015 shall fare.


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New Year 2015

New Year 2015


With all these taken care of, now you can pay attention to the other stuffs that would make the advent of the New Year more special for you!

Reconnecting with near and dear ones:

Today’s busy world keeps us engaged round the clock. This often makes us drift away from our near and dear ones no matter how much we would like to spend quality time with them. Remedy all that this time of the year by filling the hearts of your family and friends with warmth and making them feel wanted and special. Preparing special meals, buying thoughtful gifts are just some ways of showing your love. In case your dear one is away from you, do not forget to send greetings, wishes or gifts to show your love and care.

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Fun n Frolic, but with a sense of responsibility:

No New Year celebration is complete without festive fervor. Even when you study New Year celebrations round the world, you shall find that fun and feasting is embraced by all. This is also an opportunity for you to share your fortune with people who may be less privileged. You can consider gifting such people some clothes, food or everyday essentials to light up there New Year too.

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015


Somber promises to be virtuous:

Celebrating New Year is incomplete without resolution, whether you stick to them or not. Well, for some prosaic people, New Year may be just another turning of a page of the calendar, but most people consider this to be a turning of a new leaf that marks a new chapter in life. This is the time when people make plans with fervor to make their life a better one, to take one step that would take them closer to their dreams. You may also consider spending some time with the specially challenged people of the society to make them feel loved and to give them a sense of belonging.

New Year Around the World

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Celebrating New Year with a touch of tradition:

Although January 1 has been widely adopted by people across the globe who celebrates New Year with much zest and zeal on this day, there are traditional New Year traditions too. The time and customs related to these traditional New Year celebrations vary from one part of the world to another. We at 123NewYear have provided you with information about such celebrations in details for we believe that knowing and respecting each other’s traditions help to build up unity. Apart from these, even the January 1 celebrations have regional variations that are dependent on the history, traditions, culture and beliefs of the region.