The stunningly beautiful city of Paris is one of the most visited countries of the world because of the charm and romance attached to it.

It is one of the most exciting and vibrant destinations across the world to usher in the New Year. Whatever is your style of celebrating the New Year’s Eve, be it partying with a small group of friends or family members or clubbing, Paris offers the right ambience and warmth needed to embrace a beautiful year with new hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Find out ways that you can enjoy the evening before New Year, or “St. Sylvestre” begins.

Say Bonne Annees

As is the case with the rest of France, New Year begins on January 1 and continues till February 1. On New Years Eve, people eagerly wait for the clock to strike midnight and as soon as it strikes twelve, people start greeting each other and wishing each other happy “Bonne Anees.” Lovely greeting cards and kisses are exchanged and gifts are sent throughout the month to near and dear ones.

Raise Toasts and Treat Yourself with Special Paris Dishes – Celebrate the new beginnings and bid adieu to the bygone year by popping up the bubby or uncorking the bottle of sparkling white wine. Dig into savories on the New Years Eve and try our Parisian specialties such as the papillottes, chocolates, cakes, bacons accompanied with cider and Vin Chaud. Chocolates and confections fill up the supermarkets in Paris during this time. You can sample champagne, beer, and cocktails at famous bars and pubs.

Firecrackers fill up the skyline of Paris

New Year’s Eve celebrations in Paris are incomplete without burning of firecrackers. People come on to the streets to see all types of fireworks including small or big filling up the midnight sky. Noise of firecrackers fills up the streets and people roar with excitement and revelry when they burn crackers at the stroke of midnight. The sight of firecrackers illuminating the night sky and the view of the legendary Eiffel Tower in the exploding dance of dazzling light makes for a spectacular image.

Flock to famous spots of revelry in Paris

Champs- Elysees is the major center of attraction during the New Year’s Eve. People flock to this place from different corners of the city to be a part of the fantastic celebratory spirit, which reigns supreme on this special day. It is also the hub of party people as most popular discos, pubs, lounge bars and dining venues are found here. The crowd gets thicker as the clock slowly approaches towards twelve.

Sacre Coeur Cathedral plaza in Montmartre in Paris is a favorite site for many people to relax on New Year’s Eve. The impressive display of fireworks and the presence of a large number of bars, pubs and clubs make it an idyllic setting for people in the mood of revelry to usher in the New Year. Jubilation and electrifying atmosphere in this place attract locals as well as travelers to experience a memorable New Year’s Eve while partying in here.

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