New year is the best time to indulge in amusements and fun favors. Unlike other party activities, new year party games , is in perfect synchronization with the clock.

New Year festive party games is all about hip hop fun activities, foot tapping music and chosen salsa and tap dance. These games and fun filled activities involve’s each and every member of the family, thereby creating an ambience of joy, laughter and excitement.

Popular New Year Party Games

On the occasion of new year, young and old get together to welcome the year with great fun fair and zeal. New year family party games is the ideal celebration of family reunion and jubilation. On this day customary games like ‘winking murder’, ‘musical chairs’ and ‘new year present games’ are played to usher in good luck and prosperity in the coming days. New year party board games also adds that extra delight in the party celebration and keeps party weariness at bay.

Some of the popular new year funny party games are — midnight balloon shower game, ring in the new year with bubble wrap stomp and the very own award show party game. Try out some of these new year fun party games —

  1. Cup game.
  2. Balloon tower game.
  3. Prompt water carrier game.
  4. Quick head kids game.
  5. Centipedes race contest.
  6. Football game with balloons.

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These exciting and adventurous games would perk up your spirits and make your New Year party celebration more lively and energetic.

One of the better ways of entertaining the guests as well as family and friends in the New Years party is to organize fun and exciting New Year party games.

New Year Games for Kids

For those with kids can plan some fun activities to keep their little ones busy during the hours leading up to the stroke of midnight. Celebrate the night together with your kids and involve them by planning interesting games. Organizing New Year games for kids will help parents to keep their children distracted from indulging in a mischief on the big night.

A fun game for kids on the New Year’s Eve is charades and the whole family can be a part of this game to double up the fun quotient. Bring on a little twist to the game of charades to make it more exciting for kids. A game of word search would also serve as a mental exercise for the kids. In this game, all the kids need to find out words in the grid related to New Years.

Decide on the New Year games for kids for the big night depending upon the age of the children present with you at the party place or home. You can host a trivia game for little older kids to test their memories of the year gone by.

Keep questions relating to the incidents that happened in the year that is soon going to end to recreate the memories and to see how much the event of last year made an impact on kids. Keep exciting prizes for the kids so that they leave happily on the last day of the New Year. Enjoy fun games in the company of kids and make your New Year’s Eve night memorable.

New Year Games for Adults

Thinking about ways to entertain your friends and family members, whom you have invited over, to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with you? Keep amusing New Year games for adults to ensure that the guests at your New Year party never finds a moment dull and have a great time. A fun game for adults on the special night would be a guessing game. In this game, participants will have to guess the right New Year resolutions of other family members. People with the highest number of guesses are awarded with prize at the end of the night.

A game of identifying a truth and a lie will bring out the little secrets of your New Year party guests will sure be lot of fun. Begin the game by making all the adult participants sit in a circle. Ask each of the guests to think of a truth and a lie and the other guests need to guess which one is a true statement and other a lie.

The game will be more fun if the truth is somewhat unbelievable and lie is convincing and hard to make out. After the party guests guess the truth and the lie, make the person reveal the actual truth and lie. Each person will have to come out with a truth and a lie statement turn by turn. A game where guest shave to act out popular songs, books, personalities and movies or events of the year also stands out as one of the interesting New Year games for adults.