With the chill of the northern wind teamed with the hallelujah of the ethnic Chinese, the Chinese New Year steps in on the first moon day of the lunar month.

It is the time for reincarnation and is the festival of family get together. Bidding bye to the by gone year while greeting the New Year, with traditional food, new clothes, decoration at the streets ideally enhances the aura of the day.

Tradition, custom, rituals and beliefs laces the Chinese New Year which is the time to chase away the evils with he closed year and is the occasion to meet the good time with sheer zest. One of the prevailing customs is buying and posting Chinese New Year pictures as a traditional celebration of the day.

The color red is again predominant in the Chinese New Year pictures as the color is famed to drive away the evils.

A Chinese New Year picture with all the auspicious images inside the room best describes the festive atmosphere. The Chinese New Year picture is definitely a special type of art which has a rich history of its own teamed with a far reaching influence.

The images of the Chinese New Year pictures ideally reflects the good wishes, future dreams, ideal life and certainly the artistic tastes of the ancient Chinese. The most well-known Chinese New Year picture is called ‘having grain to spare for years coming.

Chinese New Year Photos

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year
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