It is the last sign or the twelfth sign in the zodiac chart. In the celestial longitude this sign spans between 332.75 degrees to 360 degrees. People who are born between 19th February and 20th March belong to this zodiac.

It is a water sign along with Cancer and Scorpio. Out of the twelve planets in the Solar System, this astrological sign is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. The symbol assigned to this sign is that of a fish.

This fish represents ichthyocentaurs in particular. These mythical sea Gods were half human and half horse. They also had the tail of a fish and in place of horns they had lobster claws on their head. According to the Greek mythology, it was believed that Aphrodite was aided and nursed by ichthyocentaurs when she took birth in the sea.

Some astrologers believe that this age is the age of the Pisces but the others believe that it is the age of the Aquarius. The Pisces born are compassionate, kind, intuitive, selfless and also very sensitive. While on the other hand, people born under this zodiac sign tend to be idealistic, escapist, over-sensitive, weak willed, lazy and pessimistic. The Sumero-Babylonian name given to this sign is the fish cord.

Zodiac signs compatible with Pisces

  • Pisces and Taurus: Pisces tend to have a concept of ideal relationship and partner in their mind, thus when they see how secure and stable their Taurus partner is, they will immediately open up without hesitating. The most beautiful thing in this relationship is how both of them are open book for one another and none of them tries to hide feelings and emotions. They inspire each other to grow and change for the better. They hardly need to speak out in order to understand each other. The constant exchange of vibes is enough and it doesn’t have to be given words. They also share high emotional compatibility with one another.

  • Pisces and Cancer: These two signs are always patient towards their partner no matter how messed up the situation is and they even have enough trust for each other to make this relationship a successful one. A Pisces are full of new topics and this might attract the interest of their Cancer partner. Both being water signs, they can understand each other’s emotional need more than anyone else can. The Cancer partner can easily see through the happy face a Pisces might put up all the time and can actually make out if something is bothering their Pisces partner. This in turn makes Pisces feel comfortable that someone can finally understand their true feelings and open up to their Cancer partner.

  • Pisces and Scorpio: Both this sign are always in search for a perfect partner, thus when they finally find each other they will handle this relationship with utmost care and will never think of doing any kind of adultery. Moreover none of them can remain in a dishonest relationship giving all the more season for both of them to not ruin the ideal image of love. Other than Scorpio themselves, if any other sign can understand their complex nature, it is definitely Pisces. Only Pisces can fathom the depth of a Scorpio’s nature and there is a deep level of understanding between the two of them.

  • Pisces and Capricorn: Both these signs respect and understand each other enough to be completely honest with each other when in a relationship and keep all kinds of adultery away. The true beauty of this relationship lies in their endless trust they have for each other. As both these signs are extremely skeptical about this world and find it difficult to trust people, they both have to earn each other’s trust. Once they have earned it they will take utmost care of it and do their best to not defile it. No other sign can inspire a Capricorn as much as a Pisces does. They both give a lot of importance to communication when in a relation but when their partner is stating something they make it a point to stop and listen. This is what makes their bond stronger.

Zodiac signs incompatible with Pisces

  • Pisces and Aries: These two signs have completely opposite nature and definitely don’t go well together at all. Pisces will hardly understand the nature of their Aries partner and thus it will be difficult for them to open up. This will cause the Pisces to stay in their own little world to avoid getting hurt. However the Aries will not understand the reason behind this and find Pisces to be shady and unworthy of their trust. These two signs have no emotional connection at all and they are poles apart. Even that will be an understatement here. This might be because they are ruled by two completely different planets like Mars and Neptune.

  • Pisces and Gemini: In this relationship trust is again a weak point. Their ideas of dealing with emotional relationship are completely different and they might be clueless about how to build trust in the first place. These two signs have completely different nature when it comes to emotions. While Pisces is one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac, Gemini is extremely rational. Even if they happen to fall in love, they will rarely be on the same page and share the same frequency. They have almost nothing in common and they also don’t share the same goals in life. Their relationship can be a complete mess.

  • Pisces and Leo: One of the most difficult parts in this relationship is striking mutual trust between the two. Both these signs will feel that their partner is not being honest with them because their nature differs a lot from one another. While Pisces will feel sorry for their Leo partner for not being able to trust them even without a proper reason, the Leo on the other hand will feel as if their Pisces partner is always up to something shady. Both these signs have very different sets of beliefs and there will be a constant sense of misunderstanding between the two.

  • Pisces and Libra: Libra has a constant need to be loves and accepted by the people around them as it makes them feel wanted. This nature of a Libra will never be understood by a Pisces and will be misinterpreted most of the times as they will never get how someone’s sense of self confidence can be so low. On the other hand Lira will be repelled by Pisces’s childish, sparkly and flirty nature and they won’t be able to trust Pisces as they are very open and direct if they like someone. This mutual dislike will cause mistrust between the two signs.

  • Pisces and Sagittarius: Trust is again a huge obstacle in this relationship between Pisces and Sagittarius. They will often have unsaid and unclear expectations from each other which by no means can be understood by their partner and this in turn will cause complications, disappointment and also might lead to dishonesty which might be unintentional. Emotionally this relationship will be a topsy-turvy journey with sharp bends. Initially they will be engrossed in this relationship and have no complaints whatsoever. However as soon as the problems will arise they will feel as if the emotions are slowly fading away and everything will seem to be fake and unreal.

  • Pisces and Aquarius: This relationship is always on the extreme. Either it will be completely free from adultery or fully covered in dishonesty and lies. There’s no in between. Aquarius partner can tend to be overpowering and aggressive certain times and this might make a Pisces feel uncomfortable enough to bottle up their deep feelings. This relationship lacks reality and both these signs will fail to achieve whatever they had dreamt of achieving together and thus make both of them feel depressed and frustrated. They have different interests and also do not understand each other very well. These two signs are also not compatible emotionally. While Pisces wants to be completely dependent on someone when it comes to emotion, Aquarius partner tends to be aloof and distant.

Zodiac signs variable with Pisces

  • Pisces and Pisces: In this relationship, trust might not be their strength. As they know and understand each other way too much, they find it all the more difficult to trust each other. A Pisces will know about their partner’s unreliable and changeable nature and thus will have a hard time trusting them. However their romance is nothing less than a fairytale and their tenderness for one another will make them open up to their partner.

  • Pisces and Virgo: These two can be the greatest lover if the overcome few great challenges. They have a strong emotional connection but they need to strike a balance between emotion and rationality. The way they approach the same problem is completely different from one another and all they need is to be more flexible.

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