The Central European nation of Poland celebrates its New Year on January 1. New Years Eve which falls on a day before, i.e. on December 31st, is the time of celebrations.

Traditionally, New Years Eve is referred as Sylvester in Poland. During New Years Eve, Poland remains in an altogether different celebration mood, with a level of energy, fun, and vivacity which is incomparable to any other place.

Celebrations on New Years Eve in Poland

New Years Eve is a time to put up a royal mark so that the initial New Year moments can step over it to enter into the lives of everyone in a grand and unforgettable way. Everyone engages into several days of preparations to come up with what they believe to be the best way to welcome the New Year. Each has their own thoughts of celebrations, which is precisely reflective in the different ways with which they celebrate it. For some, ‘shop till you drop’ is the mantra of celebrating. For some others, it is about experiencing and exploring something different and new in life, and thus they choose to engage in travelling or adventure. Then, there are many who wish to spend quality time with their family and friends, and make sure to welcome the special moment of New Year while remaining close to the people who are close to heart. Traditionally, celebrations on New Years Eve in Poland initiates with the traditional Poland dance of ‘Polonaise’.

Attending a ball, becoming a part of a live music performance or any other live concert, dancing to the traditional music, and grooving to the vibrant tunes in discotheques and clubs, are present all around Poland on New Years Eve. Each of them has their audiences, and each of them has their own way of celebrations. Usually, people do a blend of all those things. After spending some time with the family, people move out with friends to head to community parties. They eat, drink, and dance till the time of the midnight arrives. Usually, people move out of their houses, as well as party places to watch the extravagant fireworks show planned to be set off at the stroke of midnight.

Wroclaw, one of the major cities of Poland, and a place with the name of Market Square in it, is in particularly famous and favored destination on New Years Eve for visitors within the country as well as abroad because of the most astonishing celebrations it hosts. The amazing light shows, brilliant fireworks, vivacious music, and a vigorous crowd mutually turn it into dream celebrations, which everyone wishes to be a part of. The live shows performed by eminent musicians and performers of the country also keep everyone engaged throughout the evening of New Years Eve.

Another prominent place in Poland on New Years Eve is Krakow. It hosts number of rock concerts, and live performances with both local as well eminent Polish performers marking their attendance. These are free and open for everyone. With midnight drawing close, the countdown event begins, as a part of which thousands of people who are in attendance shout out the last few seconds of the Old Year in numbers, and that too in concord. At the stroke of midnight, with the St. Mary’s Cathedral ringing the midnight bell, a spectacular planned procession of fireworks fills the sky with light, color, and sound. It if followed by raising a toast of champagne, and pouring down a sip or two down the throat.

Other than these outdoor celebrations, adequate options are available for those who wish to have indoor celebrations. Number of discotheques and pubs with their vibrant New Years Eve parties, offer a respite to those who can’t stand to the cold weather and at the same time, don’t want to let go the special time of New Year in a routine way.

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