Ruled by the zodiac sign Taurus and mellowed by the element of the Earth, the High Priest or Pope is depicted by a picture of a religious figure, wearing three formal elaborate vestments of his office, holding a triple scepter, and sporting a crown with three tiers. The Pope sits in a somber church environment.

The repetition of the number three signifies the three worlds - the material world, the world of the psychological conscious and the subconscious, and the world of learning or knowledge. His right hand is raised in benediction and attempts to channel the power to the various cross sections of the society. The crossed keys represent the edgy balance between the conscious and subconscious and hold the clue to unravel the mysteries of the mind.

The Pope wants to bring two initiates into the church to take up their appointed responsibilities. This signifies admission to any institution that vests group identity, like schools, colleges, clubs, companies or social groups.

Upright Position

The Pope represents a benevolent and moral influence. It signifies wisdom and practical suggestions that is also connected to the spiritual mind. He represents all that is conventional, tried and tested. In short, it is the enlightenment to understand the correct path. This card also represents union and some readers suggest marriage.

Reversed Position

Reversed, this card stands for all things that the anti establishment and against the set rules. It represents someone who likes to make her/his own rules. It may also signify a confused mind. To some readers, this is a suggestion of a rift in relationship like divorce in case of a married person.

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Major Arcana
Chariot Death Devil
Emperor Empress Fool
Hanged Man Hermit Judgment
Justice Lover(s) Bateleur (‘Magician’)
Moon Pope (‘Hierophant’) Popess (‘High Priestess’)
Star Strength Sun
Temperance Maison Dieu (‘Tower’) Wheel of Fortune

Minor Arcana
Ace of Coins Ace of Cups Ace of Swords
Ace of Batons Eight Coins Eight Cups
Eight Swords Eight Batons Five Coins
Five Cups Five Swords Five Batons
Four Coins Four Cups Four Swords
Four Batons King of Coins King of Cups
King of Swords King of Batons Knight of Coins
Knight of Cups Knight of Swords Knight of Batons
Nine Coins Nine Cups Nine Swords
Nine Batons Queen of Coins Queen of Cups
Queen of Swords Queen of Batons Seven Coins
Seven Cups Seven Swords Seven Batons
Six Coins Six Cups Six Swords
Six Batons Ten Coins Ten Cups
Ten Swords Ten Batons Three Coins
Three Cups Three Swords Three Batons
Two Coins Two Cups Two Swords
Two Batons Valet of Coins Valet of Cups
Valet of Swords Valet of Batons