The Queen of Cups card portrays a beautiful woman who sits on a throne at the edge of sea. The background is of azure sky and placid water of the sea.

She wears a robe of shimmering silver and a crown of glittering gold. She seems to be in a pensive mood. In fact, this card personifies a plethora of emotions. In her hands he holds a beautiful cup that is shaped like an angel. The Queen is looking at the cup which she holds with both hands and is lost in her thoughts.

The cup is a closed one - indicating that whatever the Queen in thinking is arising from the subconscious and that she does not readily disclose the thoughts. It also signifies the depth of her introspective soul.

The stone throne on which she sits is decorated with motifs of sea-nymphs, fish, seashells and scallops - ocean and its beings are always thought to represent the unconscious mind, while water is always representative of emotions. The Queen's feel do not touch the water, but rest comfortably on the beautiful and colorful tide washed rocks that lay in front of her.

Upright Position: In a reading, this card is representative to care and compassion. It is also suggestive of strong intuitive mind. It symbolizes an artistic and romantic person who is nurturing, caring and is often an inspiration to others.

Reversed Position: Reversed, the card portrays either a person who is out of synch with her/his emotions or an overtly sensitive person who is possibly a victim of gloom or addiction. It may also suggest a manipulative and clingy person who tries to control.

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