If you wish to enjoy cozy company of your partner in the New Year eve, here are some tips to help you spend the day in romantic mood. Although there is nothing can be defined as romantic activities, here we have jotted down some activities which you will surely enjoy on New Year Day.

In case you are with your very special person, you can plan some romantic activities together. These activities will surely bring you two closer and you will be able to feel an excellent bonding between your relationships.

Plan for a candlelight dinner

This is not a great or innovative idea indeed but it will help you to elevate your relationship to the next level. A candlelight dinner will help you to explore the chemistry which keeps you two tied together. It’s an old wine in new bottle but it works amazing.

Take a break go for a short trip

Shun all parties and avoid all invitations. Take your partner to a long drive. Take some classical musical CDs and enjoy each other’s company with light music. The music, the speed, and the warmth of your relationship will help you in discovering a new aspect of your mutual bonding. When you will be back from this long drive, you will be more inclined to each other for sure.

Attend a salsa/ball dance party

These are couple dance and it will give you opportunity to come closer to each other. You can converse with each other in a low voice and obviously you have great chance to continue with love talk with your partner for a long time. This dance course followed by candle light dinner is the best way to express your romantic feeling to your partner.

Go for a romantic movie to watch

It is another common but wonderful way to spend some time with your special ones. Select some soft romantic movie and reserve your seat at a corner. Take one big bucket of popcorn and one file of coke. Never ever plan to take two buckets. Help your partner to have some popcorn and sip coke from one can. You will feel a strange chemistry working between you two. You will find this NYE extremely romantic and sweet for you two.

Prepare special dish for your special one

You can book a BBQ table and roast chicken/turkey in front of your fiancé. Treat that special one with a glass of champagne. Cook the bird with all delicacy in front of her while you two carry on with your dove session and intimate conversation. The heat of the BBQ oven will be conducted in you two also, and you can expect a steamy sizzling hot romantic evening with your beloved.

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