Chinese New Year is the most important festival in China. This family oriented festival is associated with a number of symbols.

Chinese New Year signs have deep meaning and importance. Some of the Chinese New Year symbols bring happiness and wealth while some signs bring even spirits and bad luck. Given below are the popular Chinese New Year signs and their significances:

    • Flowers: Flowers are not only important decorative element in Chinese New Year decoration, but they also signify the lucky charm. Flowers such as plum blossom and water narcissu s are mostly associated with the good luck charm during Chinese New Year. Flowers are one of the most important symbol of Chinese New Year.


    • Lai-See Envelopes: According to the Chinese New Year customs, money is given in a red envelop. These envelops are called Lai-See or Hong-Bao envelops. These envelops symbolize good luck. The married couple of the family presents them to the younger and unmarried members.


    • FOOK: FOOK is a lucky character according to the Chinese New Year rituals. This is a New Year sign, which is displayed in the houses and shops. It is believed that this Chinese New Year signs can bring fortune. Fook is written on the diamond shaped piece of a red paper.


    • Chinese zodiac: According to the Chinese tradition, each year is associated with an animal. There are 12 animals and each year is named after the animal. For example, the year of 2010 is the year of tiger while the year of 2011 is the year of rabbit and the year of 2010 is the year of dragon. Each of the animals comes in a proper order and one cycle is completed after 12 years.


    • Spring couplets: This is one of the oldest Chinese New Year signs. This symbol of Chinese New Year has a deep traditional importance. These are written on red and black paper. The Spring couplets are hung at the entrance of the house. These items bring Good luck charm to the guests. They are hung at the door and they stay for two months.


  • Tray of Togetherness: Tray of togetherness is a custom, which is performed in a family. The tray of togetherness contains dried fruits, candies, and sweets. The tray is offered to the family and friends. This tray contains eight traditional compartments. Each of the food items is stuffed with a lucky charm. The item, which one person gets will decide the future for the next one year, in accordance with Chinese New Year traditions.

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