Sydney, which is the most populous state of Australia, can undoubtedly be stated as the best place on the planet to have New Years Eve celebrations. In cord to its mother nation of Australia, Sydney celebrates its New Year on January 1, and New Years Eve on December 31 of the Old Year.

Sydney, the harbor city, hosts one of the best New Years Eve celebrations on the planet. Sydney can easily make it to the top-three, if put in an order of best. The enthusiasm associated with the Sydney celebrations are so high, that people from all over Australia and all over the planet come travelling so far to get a special initiation of their New Year time.

The pleasant warm weather further holds up to drive more crowds, in particularly from those countries with extreme cold conditions. According to estimation, around 300,000 people from foreign places make a visit to Sydney during the time. It is believed to have the one of the largest live crowd (an estimated 1.5 million), arguably only second to the Rio de Janeiro (an estimated 3 million), on New Years Eve. Officially, Sydney has been voted as the best destination on the planet to be on New Years Eve.

Though the whole of Sydney with its spectacular skyline creates a magical picture, Sydney Harbor Bridge can be stated as the place holding the core of celebrations. New Years Eve show officially begins at around five in the evening, with the pre-show entertainment events. With the passing time, the show gets bigger and better, also making everyone present to grow in excitement and enthusiasm. The parties equally have abundance to offer to belly and tongues, with lots of delicious food and ample drinking options. The entire atmosphere remains dispensed in the spirit of celebration, with everyone cheering, dancing, and singing, and making the most of the merry time.

At the stroke of the midnight, an estimated 80000 fireworks are set off from Sydney Harbor Bridge and six other firing points placed within a 6 km. radius of the bridge. The spectacular fireworks show is extravagant and intense to the impact, that anyone standing anywhere within the 16 km. radius of Sydney Harbor Bridge can have a view of it. It goes on incessantly for 12 minutes on a stretch.

Other than the midnight fireworks display, 9 pm fireworks show also draw large number of people to arrive at the place early in the evening. The fireworks show, with the historical Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House in the background, creates soul capturing moments, which remain intact to one’s life for lifetime.

Both of these fireworks shows are live telecasted on television by ‘Nine Network’, which is considered to be viewed by more than a billion people on the planet.

‘Harbor of Lights’ Parade on New Years Eve

Apart from the gigantic fireworks show, the ‘Harbor of Lights’ Parade is another major attraction of the evening. As a part of this, cruises decorated with illuminated fairy lights sail through the centre of the harbor all through the night of New Years Eve. It is the real party place to be in on New Years Eve. Apart from being a distinctive and royal way of celebration, it also let one take hold of a prime position to view the Sydney Harbor Bridge setting off the fireworks show at midnight, without worrying about the crowd, and while comfortingly having a lavish dinner in the mid of the sea.

New Years Eve In Sydney
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