The astrological sign of Taurus is the second among the signs present in the zodiac chart. This zodiac sign spans between the 30th degrees and 60th degrees of zodiac.

People who are born between 21st April and 21st May belong to this particular sun sign. Among the four basic elements, Taurus belongs to Earth and is one of the three Earth signs along with Capricorn and Virgo. It belongs to the prominent and large constellation seen in the winter sky of Northern Hemisphere called the Taurus and is also one of the ancient constellations believed to date back to the Bronze Age.

This sign is ruled by two planets in the solar system namely, Venus and Earth. The symbol allotted to this particular zodiac is that of a Bull. This Bull represents the Cretan Bull. According to the Greek mythology, the king of Crete, Minos, had prayed Poseidon for a white bull as a sign that would confirm that only he would be the ruler and not any of his brothers.

The king of Oceans, Poseidon, has heard his prayer and sent a beautiful white bull to Minos with the condition that it would later be sacrificed to appease the Gods. Minos realized that the bull Poseidon had sent was way too magnificent to be sacrificed and thus he replaced it with another inferior white bull and sent the previous bull to his herds. However Poseidon was not fooled by Minos’s trick.

As soon as he found that the bull was replaced, he was furious and asked Aphrodite to make the daughter of Sun and Minos’s wife fall in love with the white bull as a punishment. As a result of this Pasiphae gave birth to the bull’s offspring which turned out to be half bull and half man and was known as Minotaur. Moreover Poseidon, in order to punish Minos further, passed down his rage to the bull and made it destroy the land completely.

Minotaur, which was partly bull and partly man, was gradually killed by the king of Athens and hero, Theseus. Being a bull, the people born under this sign tends to be head-strong and achieves their goal by hook or crook. They are practical and hardly day dreams or build sand castles in air. They say things the way they are and will not sugar coat it just to make it sound nice. They tend to be extremely dependable people and it is very unlikely of them to leave you at the time of need.

They are also very generous and helpful. You can always trust them blindly and if given a task they will carry out with utmost care. Be it emotionally or financially, people born under this zodiac tend to be fiercely independent. They are also extremely loyal and patient. A stressed out Taurus is hard to find. At the same time, they can also be extremely stubborn and self-indulgent. They can sometimes come off to be materialistic and also tend to be jealous and over-possessive in relationships. The Sumero-Babylonian name of Taurus is the steer of heaven.


Zodiac Signs Compatible With Taurus


  • Cancer: When a Taurus and a Cancer connect, they connect on a deep spiritual and emotional level. When they fall in love they hardly hide anything from each other due to the sixth sense they share when these two signs connect. For them their entire relationship is based on loyalty and trust. Breaking that trust will never be easy as they are strongly bonded. However if that foundation is shaken, things might fall apart. Both these signs have the same goal in life, which is to have a home, love and family to fall back on. They are not much of a talker but can easily understand each other’s silence due to the magical bond they share. Both of them will take their own time and gradually speak out their minds and strike a mutual understanding.

  • Virgo: These two signs give each other exactly what they need to have a successful relationship. Taurus often seeks a Virgo’s intellectual strength to have a better understanding of this world. As Taurus can tend to be really head-strong and stubborn, it often makes them unapproachable. However, a Virgo has their own unique ways to approach them and make them understand their view point thus sharing a strong bond when it comes to communication. Generally, when two Earth signs come together, both can be too rigid about their own view points but in this case one’s tenderness and the other’s intellect help them to mutually agree on a decision. The patience a Taurus has is exactly what a Virgo needs when it comes to relationships making them a perfect match.

  • Capricorn: Even though these two signs have very different natures, they motivate each other and provide constant support to each other in turn helping one another to move in their desired direction. This is what makes their bond so strong. They understand each other’s needs and their differences are what make this relationship work. Taurus teaches Capricorn the importance of tenderness a person should have for himself and in turn Capricorn teaches Taurus how to achieve their goals without getting distracted by emotions along with teaching them how to be responsible.

  • Pisces: What makes the relationship between a Pisces and a Taurus beautiful is the way they let their emotions grow and open up completely without any need of hiding them from one another. These two signs make the use of non verbal communications to understand each other and are always curious about their partner’s next move. They have a strong emotional connection which allows them to have a relationship filled with love, compassion and wonder.

Zodiac Signs Incompatible With Taurus


  • Gemini: One of the main issues why this relationship won’t really work out is trust. In a relationship, it is difficult to tie down a Gemini and even a Taurus somehow manages. In order to set themselves free from the obligations laid down by a Taurus, Gemini will start thinking about various excuses as they don’t want to hurt them. However Taurus will easily sense their weird behavior and start whining and obsessing about it till it becomes serious. Moreover they find it difficult to share their emotions with each other.

  • Leo: The interests and intellectual understandings of these two signs are poles part, so much so that it might drive them out of their minds and annoy each other to the level that they become intolerable about each other.  While a Leo clings on to their ego, Taurus clings on to their practicality which gives birth to conflicts which cannot be solved, making them an undesirable match.

  • Libra: Libra has a constant need to be liked by everyone and tends to be extremely social. This nature can hurt a Taurus’s trust to a great extent and thus forming a huge obstacle in their relationship. Taurus tends to be extremely confident about themselves and stubborn but on the other hand, Libra tends to be whimsical and indecisive. They are likely to get on each other’s nerve even without trying.

  • Sagittarius: Sagittarius is considered to be the epitome of honesty. They have no idea how to deal with lies or make one. However when they get into a relationship, they tend to adapt Don Juan syndrome that might come off as unattractive to their Taurus partners. Even if these two trust each other there is no guarantee that the relationship will be a long lasting one.  It is hard for both the signs to keep pace with each other’s emotions which lead to misunderstandings.

  • Aquarius: An Aquarius partner will literally stress out a Taurus. Their opinions about Taurus’s feelings will scare a Taurus so much that they will refrain from expressing themselves to their Aquarius partner. Taurus has a constant fear of not being good enough for their partner and this is what an Aquarius does not understand and might irritate them. This Air and Earth element can be so different from one another that they might not connect at all.

  • Aries: Though both these signs are stubborn and stick to their own decision, handling an Aries can be way too much for Taurus. When their opinions don’t match, Aries can to go any extent to prove their decision to be correct. That might even include screaming and using physical strength. When Taurus experiences this nature of Aries, they almost become frozen as they are way too sensitive  to handle such outbursts let alone react back.

Zodiac Signs Variable With Taurus


  • Taurus: Both of them tend to have a trust issue. It is not because they can’t trust easily but because they can’t change easily. If one of them had their trust broken in their previous relationship it will be extremely difficult to restore their trust. However, if none of them went through any such things, they can completely base their relationship on trust and will respect each other’s privacy and personal space. Moreover both of them tend to be extremely stubborn which can affect their communication.

Scorpio: This could end up being an extremely possessive relationship which has no way out at all. Even though a Taurus might be perfect fine with everything, the relationship might be a little too overwhelming for them especially if Scorpio’s nature challenges Taurus’s sense of practicality. These signs have nothing in common but when they fall in love, they fall hard.

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