Dream journals since thousands of years have reported of teeth dreams in various forms. Teeth Dreams are considered to be one of the most common dream symbols. These dreams are often reported to be scary experiences.

Interpretations of teeth dreams have regional influence too for various cultures have sought varied meanings of these dreams. For example, the Chinese people believe that when one dreams of falling teeth it means that the person is lying about something or have been deceitful.

Greeks believe that losing teeth in your dreams foretell of sickness or death of someone in the family or someone who is dear to you. Some cultures have also related losing teeth dreams to losing money. When we speak of Teeth Dreams we include a variety of options that you can see in your dream. Maintaining a dream journal would help you to remember the details of your dreams and arrive at the inference later on.

  • Associating Death or Ill Health with Teeth Dreams:


Since many years people have associated teeth dreams with death. It may not mean death of the person seeing the dream. It could be death in the family or of someone you know. Dream analysts, researchers and psychologists have found out that there is a strange relation between death and teeth dreams. Many books, forums and dream journals have reported that people who had teeth dreams often faced death of a near one soon after. Teeth Dreams may also bring news of ill health of someone close. However this does not mean that a teeth dream should be related to any future prophecy.


Discussed below are various Types of Teeth Dreams and their interpretations:


  • When you dream of Pulling Teeth:


These kinds of dreams indicate that something perhaps needs to come out. Mostly researchers have opined that these dreams indicate that you need to speak out something or disclose certain information that you were shielding so long. It could also be a message to you to pull yourself if you have been facing some challenges in your life. If you see someone else pulling out your teeth it could be suggestive of the fact that the person wants something of you. This dream may have literal manifestation when you have tooth ache and need to visit a dentist for extraction.


  • When you dream of Rotting Teeth:


Rotten teeth are believed to symbolize the various anxieties you feel and the fears that you have deep within. Some researchers also believe that these dreams are an outcome of how you perceive your image and how you think others may think of you. Being rotten symbolizes decay. Now think of it in context of your life. Are you experiencing any kind of damage or weakening – be it of an object or a relationship or bonding? If yes, then that could be the cause of your dream.


  • When you dream of  Broken or Chipped Teeth:


Broken teeth could be your perception of your image that you want to be corrected. It could also be a metaphor of some problem that you may be having in your life. The problem may not be obvious to you, but it is noticeable by others. These could also suggest that there may be something in your life that requires repairing – it may be your health, your relationship or something else. It could also mean that there may exist some external or internal agents trying to break your stamina.


  • When you dream of Falling Teeth:


Falling teeth are the commonest kind of teeth dreams. These are generally representative of all the worries and anxieties in your life that are beyond your control. People have often reporting seeing such dreams when they feel that their life is going beyond their control. Perhaps you are feeling too stressed or you are trying too hard to stay youthful or you have hidden something or are in some relationship that is going astray or are afraid of getting embarrassed in public.


  • When you dream of Crumbling Teeth:


Crumbling teeth dreams are outcome of your fear of old age. Or such dreams can be manifestations of the fact that you feel that your world is falling apart and you are helpless about it.


  • When you dream of losing your Teeth:


Losing your teeth may indicate that you are experiencing an uncontrollable amount of stress or anxiety in your life, and this is breaking you in some way, and you desire to fix it. These can also occur when you in vain try to hold on to something. These have been reported also to occur in incidences when you fear failure, dread that you may get embarrassed or lack control in your life. Losing teeth dreams have also been associated to financial loss.


  • When you dream of False Teeth:


False teeth relate to something that is unreal or superficial. It could also mean that you are either keeping some truth to yourself or are breaking rules in some way. At times it can also stem out of guilt feelings when you disclose a secret you were not meant to; or perhaps you behaved or conversed inappropriately. It could also mean that you feel that you are upholding an image of yourself that is not what you are in reality.


  • When you see that you are Spitting out Teeth:


This dream is more common among elderly people and is perceived as a message that you think that you are gradually losing your physical charm or glamour; and that is affecting in the way people perceive your image. It may even occur in middle ages or relatively young people who constantly fear losing their youth. This dream could also symbolize that you have suppressed something – information or emotion – deep within, for a while, and now that is causing you so much stress that you simply want to spit it out.

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