The Three of Swords card depicts a single red heart floating midway in the air. The heart has been pierced with three swords – the blades cut through the top and penetrate at the bottom.

The background matches the somberness of the situation as it portrays a grey sky full of dark clouds. Sleets can be seen to be falling from the clouds, but where they would land is uncertain from the picture.

Among the three swords that pierce the heart, two are seen on the either side forming an ‘X’ and the third one stabs straight down vertically. The symbol of heart represents emotion, beauty and feelings, while the swords simply batter those.

Upright Position: This card in a reading is all about grief, sadness and resentment. In a relationship it can indicate breakup or betrayal. It can even refer to bottled up anger and resentment. It may also imply harsh words that are directed towards the subject. Sometimes this card may also warn about an accident or an injury. Overall this card is about injury – it may be a bodily one or an emotional one.

Reversed Position: When reversed, this card talks about lingering pain and anger. It may suggest that the subject is not being able to overcome a grief that she/he has recently experienced. In a relationship, it may mean that the person is continuing with an unhappy bonding which is causing a lot of emotional strain. Overall, it is about a vexed feeling in the heart, loneliness and state of confusion.

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Major Arcana
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