The Two of Cups depicts a young man and a woman standing facing each other and seem to be exchanging cups in what is probably a wedding ceremony.

Between them caduceus of Hermes is seen. From times immemorial the caduceus has been considered as the symbol of physicians and healers. As such it is a symbolic representation of balance, health, protection, cosmic energy and union of opposites.

It also brings promise of proper moral conduct. Here the caduceus is seemingly sending a positive vibe so that the new partnership can thrive properly. Over the caduceus is a lion's head - a symbol of passion and energy that brings strong physical attraction between the couple, although it may be expressed or suppressed.

The two snakes that entwine the caduceus emphasize that in life the light and darkness coexist. The card brings the message that with respect, proper equilibrium and honor a union of even the opposites can be very rewarding.

Upright Position: This card portrays the beauty of a union where two become one. Traditionally the card speaks of harmony where sincerity, respect, affection and attraction makes a relationship thrive. The card can bring the news of engagement or wedding. It may also mean reconciliation. Apart from personal relationships, the card in a reading can also indicate formation of a business partnership.

Reversed Position: When this card appears reversed in a reading it indicates disharmony and imbalance in relationships. Jealousy and conflict in relationship would lead to separation. It may also warn of divorce or adultery.

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Major Arcana
Chariot Death Devil
Emperor Empress Fool
Hanged Man Hermit Judgment
Justice Lover(s) Bateleur (‘Magician’)
Moon Pope (‘Hierophant’) Popess (‘High Priestess’)
Star Strength Sun
Temperance Maison Dieu (‘Tower’) Wheel of Fortune

Minor Arcana
Ace of Coins Ace of Cups Ace of Swords
Ace of Batons Eight Coins Eight Cups
Eight Swords Eight Batons Five Coins
Five Cups Five Swords Five Batons
Four Coins Four Cups Four Swords
Four Batons King of Coins King of Cups
King of Swords King of Batons Knight of Coins
Knight of Cups Knight of Swords Knight of Batons
Nine Coins Nine Cups Nine Swords
Nine Batons Queen of Coins Queen of Cups
Queen of Swords Queen of Batons Seven Coins
Seven Cups Seven Swords Seven Batons
Six Coins Six Cups Six Swords
Six Batons Ten Coins Ten Cups
Ten Swords Ten Batons Three Coins
Three Cups Three Swords Three Batons
Two Coins Two Cups Two Swords
Two Batons Valet of Coins Valet of Cups
Valet of Swords Valet of Batons