Have you already started fro planning for the upcoming Christmas? As the countdown has already begun you must start your preparation fro this auspicious occasion.

Shopping is one of the main parts of this festival. You must want to gift some unique Christmas gifts to your loved ones. Here you can have ideas. Go through it.

Unique Christmas gifts for daddy:

Think something new for him. You can also take ideas from here.

If your father is a voracious reader then it would be best to give him a book. You must know his choice and thus must select according his choice. You can give a series of old classics. A novel of his favorite writer must please him. If he loves poems then give a series of poetry of any famous poet.

Tea or Coffee mug:
You can gift a unique coffee mug by applying your own creativity. Buy an ordinary coffee mug and paint it with fabric colors. You can also give an official coffee mug of his favorite football or cricket club. These are available in some particular stores. You can also have these items online.

Unique Christmas gifts for mom:

Handmade cookies:
In this Christmas make some chocolate cookies and gift it to your mom. You can have thousands of recipes online. If you have some ideas about cookie making then you can easily follow the instructions. Buy a gift box. Put them inside the box. Wrap it with a wonderful wrapping paper.

Designer scarf:
Designer scarf is another wonderful gift which must make her happy. Buy an orderly plain scarf and do some embroidery work if you have a flair and skill for it. You can also knit a beautiful scarf for your mother.

Unique Christmas gifts for kids:

Designer hats and tees: You can gift them some unique hats and t-shirts. How to make it unique? Buy some ordinary clothes and them with some fabric colors. You can also paint his or her favorite cartoon characters on the t-shirts. Some funny messages can be written on the hats with the help of some fabric colors.

Handmade cakes and cookies: You can make some delicious cookies and cakes for them. They must like the items.

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