“ Tet” or the Vietnamese New Year is perhaps one of the most important festivals for the Vietnamese. Symbolizing and signifying the advent of spring, the celebrations of Tet are the most spectacular kind as elaborate sets of customs and decorations are all incorporated into the celebration of the Vietnamese New Year.

Generally officiated to be a three days affair, though the celebrations continue for almost a week, the time of Tet is a time of nostalgia and celebrations and no matter what part of the world a Vietnamese might be in, the festival of Tet fills him up with longing to be back home.

Flowers form an integral part of the Vietnamese New Year celebrations, here’s a look at some of the most important flowers that are incorporated in the New Year Decorations by the Vietnamese.

  • Kumquat Tree:

Comparable to what may be called Tangerines, the Kumquat tree is the perfect addition in winter with its bright fruits and flowers. It is generally believed in Vietnamese culture that the Kumquat fruits are a symbol of Fertility and the good luck that the family shall inherit in the coming year.

Hence the selection of the Kumquat tree is quite a careful procedure. , being symbolic of the entire family, the tree is pruned in such a manner that the bright orange fruits are displayed proudly on the occasion of the Lunar New year and the rest of the green fruits can ripen later, which generally symbolizes the promise of good luck in the present and the future.

The concept of family being supreme in Vietnamese culture, the tree too is symbolic of familial ties with the fruits representing the grandparents, the flowers the parents, the buds children and the leaves being symbolic of the grandchildren of the family. Hence a healthy kumquat tree is essential to any Vietnamese New Year Celebration.

  • Peach Blossoms:

Symbolic of the Lunar New Year, peach blossoms are an essential part of the Vietnamese folklore and heritage, said to be the home of the two protector deities, the Peach tree used to be a sacred symbol of protection and security for the people.

Still considered to be an art, the knowledge pertaining to the cultivation of peach trees is passed down from one generation to another and the delicate pink of the Peach Blossoms are a coveted part of any Vietnamese household.

  • Apricot Blossoms:

The importance of the Apricot blossoms in a Vietnamese New Year celebration can be judged by the fact that, if one does not have Apricot blossoms in the household during the Lunar New Year celebrations then that means they have not really prepared for Tet.

Considered to be a symbol of spring and abundance, the yellow and white flowers of the Apricot Blossoms are visible everywhere during the time of Tet. Being considered a symbol of prosperity, the number of petals of the flower is proportional to the amount of luck that the family can garner in the new Year, hence the more the number of petals on an apricot Blossom, the more its value and the more coveted it becomes.

The Vietnamese culture gives much importance to the advent of spring and hence the Lunar New Year. With every family having a different way of celebrating the advent of New Year, flowers and fruits however are most integral to New Year celebrations. Now that you have a fair idea of the important flowers for Vietnamese New Year Celebrations, incorporate them in your decorations and have a lovely time.