There are holidays celebrated all over the world, but seldom are holidays which are universally celebrated. Therefore, each country in particular has their set of holidays.

These holidays are attuned to the history, culture, traditions, beliefs etc of the land and its people. United Kingdom is no exception and has its own list of holidays.

Common bank and public holidays are celebrated in the United Kingdom. Apart from that there are also some holidays that are exclusive to the land.

So let us have a look at the list of UK Holidays. The holiday list will be effective for all purposes and effective throughout the year. It will be helpful for developing business plans and planning vacations or working holidays.

This is the most comprehensive list regarding the holidays that are celebrated or observed in the United Kingdom.

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Name of the holiday Date Day of the week Description
New Year 2017 1st Jan Sunday United Kingdom people celebrated the New year in their best and the most splendid manner. During this time many observant tourist visit the country. Lots of people join together and enjoy welcoming the New Year  The Big Ben with its huge gong ushers in the New Year..
Hogmanay 1st Jan Sunday This word literally means Last day of the year, but people actually extend the first day of the year to enjoy a bit more. The tradition of First footing is followed and the first male member entering the house is believed to bring good luck. Black bun, coal, salt, whisky etc are given as for the symbolic gift.
Epiphany 6th Jan Friday It is believed that the Christmas decoration will need to be removed on this day at the maximum otherwise it will be unlucky for them. Tortell and King cake is baked and served for this festival which is made of bean and a pea. It is on this day that the 3 Magi (Wise Men) had appeared to bless baby Jesus after His birth. This is the 12th day after Christmas.
Orthodox Christmas Day 7th Jan Saturday The Orthodox Christians in the United Kingdom worship and celebrate Christmas at midnight of the Orthodox Christmas Eve as per the old calendar system that was prevalent. Images of Jesus and mother Mary are displayed in churches.
Orthodox new year 14th Jan “Saturday The Orthodox Christians celebrate New Year on occasion of 14th January as in the Georgian calendar while others celebrate it on 1st January. These people remarked the feast of the initiation rites of Jesus Christ.
Burns’ Night 25th January Wednesday It is the annually celebration in Scotland as it memorialize the   life of poet Robert Burns whose date of birth is on 25th January. this poet write the Scottish dish called Haggis  which is made with sheep’s stomach and it was served on this day.
Tu Bishvat 11th Feb Saturday Many Jewish communities in the United Kingdom celebrated this festival by pay attention to having seasonal fruit or planting tree. A boy plants a cedar tree while a girl plant cypress tree.
Shrove Tuesday 28th Feb Tuesday It was also known as Pancake day Tuesday as it is the time for having pancakes or taking part in pancakes race. It was remarked by what wrongs they did and to repent, and seek for remedies of life.
Ash Wednesday 1st Mar Wednesday It is the first day of the season of Lent. Lent is a 40 day period.  After the day of Shrove Tuesday it was the day to clear the soul before fasting. Christians visit the local churches to receive the ash as a symbol of regretting the mistakes they had committed.
Chinese New Year 28th Jan Saturday The Chinese celebrate their traditional New Year during the Spring festival or lunar New year the Two days’ festival including lion dances in    the city, also traditional acts are done, short lectures on Chinese history is read by the priest and there are fantastic display of fireworks.  Though this is not really an official holiday in the United Kingdom, but there is a huge Chinese populations and the festivities are great.
Valentine’s Day 14th Feb Tuesday Many couples exchange gifts cards with red roses, chocolates and have a wonderful time with each other. It is known as the day of love. Sparkling wines and a special surprise meal are a part of the celebration. This celebrates the sacrifice of St Valentine who had embraced death to keep the thought of love burning.
St. David’s Day 1st Mar Wednesday St David’s life and welsh culture in Wales are what is celebrated on this festival. The Welsh flag is displayed. Cawl a traditional meal was eaten which is made of leek .
Mothering Sunday 26th Mar Sunday It was known by mother’s day also which is held before Easter Sunday. This is the last Sunday between the lent period.  it was the day the people use to praise their mother, grandmother mother in laws and give them gifts as a token of appreciation.
St. Patrick’s Day 17th March Friday In Ireland it is a national holiday in the auspicious memory of St Patrick.  He is the patron saint of Ireland. An art festival children’s workshop and act of Irish musicians make this day special.
March equinox 20th Mar Monday This day celebrates the Equinox of March and heralds the arrival of spring. This annual phenomenon reaches a high tide as colors seep back in the world after the white clad snowy winter.
Palm Sunday 9th Apr Sunday This day celebrates the conquering of Jerusalem by Jesus. He entered the sacred city of this day. Special services are seen on the. Priests bless people with a palm leaf. That is the source of the name of the occasion.
Purim 11th March Saturday Many Jewish people mark this day as the date of remember from a royal death announcement in the fourth century BCE in the Gregorian calendar. Jews in the United Kingdom celebrate this as the community  had escaped death on this day.
Maundy Thursday 13th Apr Thursday It was a holy Thursday Good Friday. It celebrated Jesus Christ’s last supper. It is common for the monarchy in the United Kingdom to give monetary grants to the senior citizens on this day.
Good Friday 14th Apr Friday A special church service is held on this day. This day memorizes the torture of Jesus Christ which is the first Sunday after the full moon of March Equinox.  This is the day that Christ was said to have been crucified.
Holy Saturday 15th Apr Saturday After the death of Jesus Christ he was laid in the tomb. This is before Easter. This day is the final day of the lent period. People light candles in the churches.
Daylight Saving Time 26th Mar Sunday In United Kingdom the clock go fast 1hour at 1 am on the last Sunday in march and slow 1 hour at 2am on the last Sunday in October. When the clocks are i hour ahead is called British summer Time. This signifies the beginning of summer.
Easter Sunday 16th April “Sunday This is the day that Christ is believed to have resurrected and is widely revered and celebrated.  People attend special midnight masses in churches and have lambs and Easter eggs as a means of celebration.
Easter Monday 17th Apr Monday This is a bank holiday in England. People observe this day in many parts of the country.
First day of Passover 11th Apr Tuesday Many people celebrated Passover with their family and friends having Seder meals. They invite poor, slim or live people on this day. This lasts for eight days. This is the day when the Jews believe that God passes over the house of the Jews.
St. George’s Day 24th June Saturday The anniversary death of St George, the patron saint of England.  He was a soldier in Roman army who killed a dragon and saved a princess. Many activities parades dance are held on that day in England.
Shakespeare Day 23rd April “Sunday Fair, processions etc are held at Stratford-on- Avon where Shakespeare was born. Many tourists visit there to watch his plays as this day is in commemoration to the biggest playwright.
Last Day of Passover 18th Apr Tuesday Some Jewish people recognize of seven days of Passover. Ceremonial food items are taken. This marks the end of the Passover period.
Early May Bank Holiday 1st May Monday The first Monday in May is observed as the beginning of the summer season. Later this came to be associated with the Rights of the Workers and was declared as a holiday.
Yom Hashoah 24th Apr Monday Holocaust Remembrance day. People pay tribute to the Holocaust victims.
Ascension Day 25th May Thursday Jesus Christ rising into heaven on the 40th day, according to the Bible is known as ascension Day. It is a time when people pray for blessing.
Isra and Miraj 24th Apr Monday The day celebrates the Prophet Muhammad’s journey from Mecca to Jerusalem. It is also said that he reached heaven on this day. It was held on the seventh month in the Islamic calendar.
Yom Haátzmaut 2nd May Tuesday The independence day of Israel. It was celebrated according the Hebrew calendar or on the following days. The Jews celebrates this for a kinship of faith.
Pentecost 4th June Sunday Whit Monday also known as Pentecost Monday. Celebrates the holy spirit’s descent on the Christians.
Whit Monday 5th June Monday It was not a bank holiday in the United Kingdom. School and institutions are closed. Evening services and group meeting in churches are held in this day.
Trinity Sunday 11th June Sunday It was a feast that is claimed as a concept instead of an event. The unity of Trinity was also a symbolic day and falls after the Pentecost.
Lag Ba’Omer 14th May Sunday A traditional day of mourning for the people of Jewish community.
Corpus Christi 15th June Thursday The feast of Corpus Christi is celebrated in the rite of real presence of Jesus Christ. it was after Trinity Sunday .
Spring Bank Holiday 29th May Monday Late May bank holiday.
Ramadan begins 27th May “Saturday It held on the ninth month of Islamic calendar. As it is a fasting of Muslim people worldwide. Beginning of the fasting lasting a month.
Shavuot 30th May Tuesday All important wheat harvest in Israel and also remembrance of the anniversary when god is supposed to have given the torah at Mount Sinai.
Father’s Day 18th June Sunday It is held on the third Sunday of June in United Kingdom. It is a day to pay respect to father and father figures.
Summer Solstice 20th June Monday The sun apex as its furthest point from the equator. Directly the sun is over the tropic of cancer. Solstice mean sun stopping so the sun does not rise in east but rise to the north of east.
Lailat al-Qadr 21st June Wednesday It was also called the night of power. Many Muslims believe that this is the time that Qurans’ first verses were confessed and admitted  to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. Devotees believe that fates are written on this night.
Eid-ul-Fitar 26th June Monday It was an Islamic holiday for Muslim across the United Kingdom. Muslims wake up early and pray at prayer ground. It was the main festival for them.
Orangemen’s Day 12th July Wednesday It was a bank holiday in Northern Ireland. Wear dark outfits and participate in marches. Battle of Boyne was fought on this day.
Summer Bank Holiday 28th August Monday It marks the end of the summer in Scotland who returns from work or school.
Tisha B’Av 1st Aug Tuesday The ninth day of august in the Jewish calendar. it is a day of grieving to remember events of sorrow and the destruction of the first and the second temple.
Assumption of Mary 15th Aug Tuesday This is the day when devotees believe that Virgin Mary rose to Heaven.
Bakri Id 31st August Thursday Some Muslims arrange to sacrifice cow, goat  sheep . it also remarks the end of Hajj pilgrimage.  This is in memory of Ibrahim who was ready to sacrifice his own son.
September Equinox 22nd Sep Friday It is the time to enjoy in bringing the harvest at home and laying food down for the next year. Beginning of Autumn.
Rosh Hashanah 21st Sep Thursday The new year in the Jewish calendar. It is a time when God judges a person’s deed in his past. It is a time to look ahead with lots of hope and positivity.
Muharram 22nd  Sep Friday Muslims reflect on their lives and  ways to improve them. Start to prepare  for the day Asura on the tenth day of the month. Beginning of the Islamic year or the Hijri
Feast of St. Francis of Assisi 4th Oct Wednesday All pets are blessed by special services which is held in churches.
Yom kippur 30th Sep Saturday The day of Atonement. Jewish people spend the day by fasting and praying in the hope of forgiveness.
First Day of SUnited Kingdomkot 5th Oct Thursday This is the first day of the 7 day time that is believed to be favorable for the Jewish people.
Last Day of SUnited Kingdomkot 11th Oct Wednesday This day is also known as the Feast of Tabernacles and special prayers are held.
Shmini Atzeret 12th Oct Thursday A celebration for rain and good harvest. There is a special prayer for the rain known as Teffilat Geshrem which is read during this time. The Torah is read in public.
Winter Solstice 21st Dec Thursday It is an astronomical aspect making the shortest day and longest night of the year. It signifies the special moment of the annual cycle of some practice during Neolithic point.
Christmas Eve 24th Dec Sunday It is the full day preceding Christmas day. It celebrates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. It is mainly popular in Poland. Many other varieties of cultural customs and action are also affiliated with Christmas Eve throughout the world.
Christmas 25th Dec Monday For the Christians this day is a Christian Holiday that indicates the birth of Jesus and a beneficial holiday for Non-Christmas. It is mainly the most important day of the whole year for the Christians, along with Easter celebration.
First Day of HanUnited Kingdomkah 13th Dec Wednesday It is the most important day for the Jewish. It also known by another name Festival of Lights.
Boxing Day 26th December Tuesday This is the post Christmas celebration day and was created for employers to present gifts to employees. It is a sporting day now
New Year’s Eve 31st Dec Sunday It is the largest universal celebration because it marks the last day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.