Finance will be very important for those born under the Aquarius this year. Many of the financial trends seen over last year will still remain present.


Finance will bloom if you remain true to yourself this year and that is what Neptune, your Lord of Finance preaches.

Whatever you do this year with your finance scope will come to you naturally and instinctively, as has been happening for the last couple of years. The short cut to wealth will be to follow your instincts, in spite of ups and downs.

Planetary positions

The ruler of your second house Neptune is in a powerful position. He remains positioned in your own sign and thus remains very powerful. Thus finance will remain important this year. Jupiter, the planet of bounty too is well placed in your charts this year. Therefore this will be a good year, where whatever you seek financially will come true. All your financial goals will be achieved and you will be able to create a financial sense of well being for yourself.

Professions which may bring more money

Almost all the professional people do well during this time, but those in share, trading, mechanical, instrumentation have a better possibility in making riches well.

Let us then have a look at how the monthly horoscope of those born under the sign of Aquarius in 2017 looks like.

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    • January – Financial opportunities are pursuing you and not vice versa. Your job is merely to discern between and select the best. Prosperity is very strong after 19th. Big-ticket personal items – perhaps clothing, jewelry or fashion accessories are coming your way.


  • February – Both your Financial Planet and Money House are going to be strong this month. Your interest in finance is intense all month, and with interest and attention come success. It is better to have a strong interest with difficult aspects than to have easy aspects but little interest. Financial opportunities will pursue you.
  • March – Love opportunities can come as you pursue financial goals and intellectual interests. Wealth and material expressions of love are alluring until 20th. Prosperity is still very strong. Many of you have not reached your ultimate financial goals; you certainly have made much success these past few months. Avoid speculations or risk-taking in finances after 20th.
  • April – Overall the financial picture is very bright. You have to work harder for earnings this month. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile. Your 4th House will become more powerful than before. There is also a shift of power from East to the West. Self-will, independence, having things your way, will not be so easy these days.
  • May – Finances are more delicate this month. Your Money House all month counsels bold action. The cosmic message here is, first attain financial clarity – withhold action until you are very clear and doubts are resolved – then launch your bold actions. There can be a financial disagreement with your dear ones.
  • June – Though Prosperity will become strong on an overall level, things have slowed down a bit on the financial front. The two planets involved in your finances are now retrograde. Your products, services and financial plans should be reviewed and made more perfect now. Job-seekers may meet with good success.
  • July – Financial disagreements are also a stress to love. Job-seekers have amazingly good aspects all month. You should all experience big improvements in your career and professional status. Your Money House might increase.
  • August – A spiritually-oriented pilgrimages could happen after 17th. But his could be disguised as an ordinary foreign trip. The two planets involved in your finances are still retrograde all month. Keep some patience. Your overall prosperity is intact.
  • September – With your two financial planets still retrograde and with your 8th House strong, focus attention on the prosperity of others. Prosperity is never a one-way street. Sometimes we need to focus on our own personal financial interests and sometimes on others’. This month, focus on the financial interests of others. Your own prosperity will come in very natural ways as a result.
  • October – Finances are still basically good, but you work harder for them than usual. Again, spending on the home, on technology and on social matters needs to be kept in line. Your Money Planet moves forward on 20th, which restores your sound financial judgment. Continue to focus on your career and downplay family and domestic issues.
  • November – The need for outer success is stronger than family and emotional issues – stronger even than financial issues. The financial results of your elevation in status might not be seen for a while, but they will come. Finances are still complicated but we see much improvement his month. Stuck financial deals start to move forward. Your normally sound financial judgment and confidence return.
  • December – Finances are good in this month; nothing special one way or another. You will see improvement from the 20th onwards. Your Money House will become more powerful. Earnings can increase from your jobs.