Career is probably the most important thing in a man’s life for sustenance, and thus it is also supremely important to know how the next year is going to shape up.

In a quest for doing so, one may need to check up what the astral forces say, and what the Cosmos has in mind for each of the zodiac signs.

it is not the case that efforts do not pay. On the contrary, with your ardent hard work, if you just knew what the stars have in store for you, probably it would have helped.

Thus we bring to you snapshots of your career guide to help you through the New Year.

  • Aries – 2017 will be a year when you can start working for your own. There could be certain unexpected or difficult situations.  But these unexpected situations may cause gain to you as well. The career Lord Mars will help you to achieve your professional goals this year and you will do justice to your career with lot of self-confidence.

  • Taurus – this is going to be a superb year in terms of work or business.  You can be elevated at a leadership position with all influential people backing you and rooting for your success. But this year will also require tremendous hard work, the result of which you will reap in the second half of the year.

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  • Gemini – The world will recognize your potential in the year 2017 and you will receive support and aid from the higher powers. If employed, there is going to be an increment post September, and workplace will be good. But do not let over confidence ruin your chances of success. Also beware to give in to temptation and rush into things.


  • Cancer – This is your year to shine. You will gain tremendous professional reputation and will gain not only recognitions, but also profit and success.  However, though you will be required to work with confidence, do not let overconfidence spoil your chances of success. Work with humility and concentration.

  • Leo –  A fairly good year for job and business.  There are astral signs for your growth and achievement of professional success.  With the achievements and promotions, there will also be monetary gains. Those in business will also do well and their business income will be on the rise. Use your insight and awareness.

  • Virgo – Indications are for a good year for careers ahead. Jupiter will be helpful for giving foreign related jobs and promotions a boost, and however in a small way may also erect certain obstacles in your path too. In the second half of the year, the professional ease rises and is favorable to embark on a new business and to do well professionally.

  • Libra – whatever efforts you put in will put you in good stead in 2017.  You may have to work hard this year , but success is assured. However a word of caution will be for not to get involved in any altercation with the authorities and stay away from office politics of any kind.

  • Scorpio – A good year where you get recognition and support from the higher ups. There will be a chance of increment and progression in workplace after September. However hasty decisions of any kind and hasty investment in anything should be avoided. There is a possibility of professional relationships being bettered. Possibility of you playing a crucial role in cost control of the organization is indicated.

  • Sagittarius –  A good year where luck supports all your ventures. It is a good year for a change of job or the start of a business. Bosses and colleagues will pay respect to your good deeds and take notice of the same. There is indication of an increase in your earnings.

  • Capricorn – there will be quite a few rewards and a consistent growth indicative in this year. The year promises greater career growths and benefits from professional quarters.  If there is a change in locations, you will also get a job fairly easily. The second half is as not as good as the first half of the year.

  • Aquarius – A good year professionally. Professional life looks good with reward and recognition from your superiors. There is a possibility of promotion as well as increment. There is also the possibility of you starting your own business during this period. Simultaneously monetary gains also increase.

  • Pisces – This is a mixed year, with the first half not being favorable from the career aspect. There could be politics in work place and you may not be able to perform as you should. The second half looks good with a new job and recognition.