The Chinese New Year phrases are not exactly greetings.  Rather the New Year phrases can be termed as blessings or well wishes.

There are quite a number of them, and they are pretty difficult to pronounce also at times; let alone memorising! Lot of these phrases are blessings for prosperity, happiness and longevity; and those are generally featured on the Fai Chun decorations as well the money-carrying Red Envelopes. Chinese people celebrate the Lunar New Year traditionally – as such the celebrations primarily involve family and close circle of friends and colleagues. Naturally traditional Chinese New Year phrases are oft used as a mark of blessings and greetings.

So let us now take a look at some of the most common Chinese New Year Phrases –

    • Sun Nin  Fai Lok; Loosely translated that is the ubiquitous Happy New Year!


    • Gung Hei Fat Choi is mostly recited during the Red Envelope handing over, meaning Congratulations on your prosperity!


    • Sin Tai gin hong, is closely related to the New Year theme of wishing luck for people. This means wishing you good health!


    • Dai Gat Dai Lei means may you have great luck and prosperity!

    • Lung Ma Jung Sang is a blessing deeply rooted in the Chinese culture and means May you have the strengths of a dragon and a horse,


    • Mahn si sing Yi, is the master wish to top all wishes!It means may ten thousand things that you do; exceed your wishes!


    • Msahn Si yuh hi is a wish which directly complements the earlier wish meaning may ten thousand things go according to your wishes!


    • Sum Seung Si sing is a blessing from the bottom of one’s heart, meaning, may all your hearts’ desires come true!


    • Gung ho sun nei is a wish to extend to everyone in the New Year as it means congratulations in the New Year!


    • Sun Jeong Lek gin blesses you to be strong and healthy!


    • Mn fuk  lam mun translates into may you have all good blessings in your house!


    • Chut yup ping on, would loosely mean that one needs to be safe while entering and exiting!


    • Nin nin yau yue blesses you to have plenty, not only this year but also in the coming years!


    • Faai go jeaung dai , is used mostly for children, saying grow tall and be strong,


    • Sang yi hing lung blesses your business to grow and flourish!


    • Puhn  muhn boot muhn wishes that you be always filled to the brim with money!


    • Siu hau seung  hoi wishes you to laugh happily and merrily!


    • Yat buhn mahn lei bless you to be successful in everything!


    • Choi Yun gwong jun bestows the blessing of lot of wealth coming in!


    • Bou bou goh sing blesses your progress by wishing that may you rise to the highest step by step!


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