Reading the astral signs or the stars is an applied science and has long been revered in their own rights. The stars have significant influence on our daily lives and Horoscope 2017 is an effort in providing an annual snippet of information regarding all the sun signs.


Aries– The tranquil phase continues and makes 2017 a harmonious year from all aspects. It is advisable to consolidate your position to avoid certain invisible pitfalls which may occur. Those who are self-employed should wait before expansion; however you should explore overseas market. The employed too will do well in their chosen field. Personal life and home environment will be convivial. If single, eligible marriage can be foreseen towards the later part of the year. Students will need to work hard to succeed in their exams. Health will be good if you eat moderately and keep exercising.

  • Taurus– Since you are well-known for your perseverance, you will be working hard to overcome your obstacles and to reach your goals in the next twelve months. Towards the latter half of the year bank balance should look healthy. Keep their own counsel and not listen to others. The difficult phases will start easing out by September/October. Be cautious about mistakes. Students will need to work hard for their upcoming exams. Health will be generally good. Those unattached may feel emptiness at times, however love is in the air; so don’t despair.

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  • Gemini– A change in the monotony of life will add a zing to your life in 2017. Infuse your life with some changes that may be coming your way to give you a better job or any other opportunity. It is advisable to accept what is proffered in this year rather than waiting for what you may think you deserve. Professional life seems good and those self employed will expand their business, thereby having a bit of financial crunch at times. Family life and home looks up after a harrowing 2016. Students however will need to put in a lot of effort this year to do well in exams. Health will be good.


  • Cancer- it is an extremely beneficial year for overall growth and prosperity. You may venture overseas opportunities that come your way; however you have to get to your desired objective. There will be peace in your relationships this year and stars suggest a better understanding with your partner. The health concerns of elders, particularly parents are not favored and may require hospitalization. Students will have a good year. Health is good other than those suffering from chronic joint pains.

  • Leo – A good year which will see you having energy to discharge all your activities and a fortunate year. There will be marked improvement in your professional life this year and there will be rapid progression of the career graph this year. The self employed will also do well. Students will perform well this year and will get to pursue their preferred specialization subjects. Those in sports also are likely to excel. Home and family life stabilizes and you will spend much time with your partner. A happy family reunion is predicted. The singles have a chance of settling in matrimony towards the end of the year. In totality this is a good year after the turmoil the Leos faced in 2016.

  • Virgo- This year though seemingly fortuitous may appear tricky at times and you need to be in constant vigilance about everything around you. This is a good time to work hard as your professional stakes rise. Those who are self employed also perform well. Students will manage to score remarkably well and some are certain to pursue higher education in foreign shores. This will be the perfect time to put in hard work .In relationships, get over a bad relationship as a newer love waits in your life.

  • Libra- This is a time of consolidation for the Librans after the stress of the last year. Your job or profession is going to yield results towards September October. There could be a time of coming in various relationships. There is however a tranquility in your personal life. Those who are in a love relationship may find the relationship difficult .Students will need to work really hard in order for them to do well. Those who are self-employed will gain from an international clientele. Health is good; however you are advised to avoid mental stress.

  • Scorpio- This is a good phase where financial consolidation is indicated. You will get over from your bad memories. It is advisable to avoid conflicts. Students if they work hard will do extremely well. Home and family life is not favorable and married people having problems will get separated. There is predicted to be a blend of happiness and trouble this year. Avoid aggression and restlessness. Health will be generally good.

  • Sagittarius- A year of favorable changes and consolidation. Self employed will look at the overseas market and those employed will receive a professional acknowledgement. You will prefer working alone. Home and family life will be peaceful. Married people will enjoy cordial relationships. Students will do well and those between 14-18 will excel. Sports persons will excel. Health will be generally good. Those who are overweight can look forward to reducing this year.

  • Capricorn– A successful phase of consolidation and preparation. Financial gains are predicted. Students will have to work really hard to keep their studies going. Work towards attaining your goals. Sports people do well. Home and family life does not bode well and may go through difficulties. Elderly people suffer from ill-health. There are marital discords too. Health will generally be good.

  • Aquarius– A time for gaining friends and widening your social circle. You will take leadership role in a project and turn it on. Home and family life are idyllic. Married couples enjoy a great time. Students will do very well in exams and will do specialization. Sports people also receive accolades. Health should generally be good. Overall a good year.

  • Pisces– This is a productive and good year ahead. There will be newer starts and new opportunities. Home and family life is good. Elderly family member’s health will cause anxiety. Marital harmony is projected. Students will have a good year but will have to work hard for studies. Debates, public speaking etc will bring one into the spotlight. Health will remain stable; however an elderly family member may require attention.