The divine Goddess Lakshmi took birth in the form of Janaki, the daughter of King Janaka of Mithila in the time of Treta (Treta Yug). The auspicious day when she came into being is known as Janaki Jayanti.

  • When is Janaki Jayanti celebrated?


Janaki Jayanti is celebrated in the Hindu month of Vaisakha in the Navami tithi of the shukla paksha.  Lord Rama, her companion was also born in the same tithi in the month of Chaitra coincidentally.

This is an extremely important vrat for the devout Hindus. Nine according to the Sanatan Dharma is the best and the most sacred number where perfection is manifested. Thus it is believed that only those who are far superior appeared on this day, like Mata Sita or Lord Rama.


  • How was Janaki or Maa Sita born?


Legend tells us that when King Janaka was ploughing a field in order to perform a Yagna, he stumbled upon a beautiful baby girl in a golden casket under the ground. Delighted that this definitely was a divine direction, Janaka adopted her as his daughter and thus Goddess Lakshmi came in to being in the form of Janaki or Sita. A plough is worshipped on Janaki Jayanti, as she had emerged from the earth. Also the name is often linked to be coined from – Daughter of King Janaka, which leads to Janaki.


  • How to observe Janaki Jayanti?


Women observe Janaki Jayanti with a lot of devotion and dedication. An early morning bath and a fast should be maintained. Then a small mandap should be prepared, housing the idols of Lord Rama, Janaki Mata, King Janak and a plough should be placed.  The devotee should then welcome Lord Rama and Sita Mata with panchopochar, or the incense, lamp, grains, fragrance and flowers. The mandap should be decorated with colorful flowers, sweets fruits and bhogas are offered as prasads. The bhogas should be satvik, that is be made without ginger, garlic and onion and be prepared with rock salt. Til or sesame, rice and barley are also offered during the puja. One should chant the Sita Mantra of Om Sri Sitaoi Namah.


  • What is the significance of the Janaki Jayanti?


Lord Rama and his other half, Maa Janaki, despite having faced numerous hurdles in life are considered to be the ultimate and ideal couple. Thus women perform this Vrat to seek blessings from the divine that their life too be filled with peace and homes with an abundance of happiness and joy. She also prays that may she be blessed to be a Sumangali, that is die before her husband. As Janaki Mata is the epitome of purity and sincerity, women aspire to be like her and seek blessings as such.