2017 promises to be an overall decent year for the Leo s health wise. The year will maintain a status quo, as in those who were keeping good health will continue to more or less do so.


Rather people who had been suffering, will bounce back and regain vitality. However this will be a year when those born under the Leo sign, their energy will keep fluctuating, like there will be a lot of up and down in the energy.

To retain this energy, they will be well advised to religiously pursue aerobics or yoga to sustain their natural vibrancy.

Do not over work and if there are times when you are not feeling well enough to tackle things, you are advised to take complete rest. There could be some issues when the Leo ascendants may feel a chronic problem in their ear.

They will be well advised to take care of the same. The Leo born people need to practice caution while travelling as there could also be some health scare while travelling and thus should remain extremely cautious. The Leo born people should also keep in mind that any signs of problems which are related to heart, sunstroke, a loss of appetite, fever or persistent headache may be treated with prompt and expert advice.

Planetary Positions
Saturn is your health planet and is receiving good signals, and therefore all the things that Saturn rules like – knees, teeth, spine and skeleton should be kept under close watch. All ailments, if there are any will start from here. These body parts should be strengthened by regular practice and exercise by the Leo born natives. That can be achieved by regular practice of hand reflexology, massage, acupressure, kinesiology etc.

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Because Saturn rules the health sector of Leo from the sign of Gemini this year, there is an indication that speech and thoughts should also be monitored and taken care of.

This is an indication that you need to have positive thoughts and positive frame of mind.  Saturn is next opposed by Pluto which symbolizes that there will be mood fluctuation this year. Stress and nervous tension or mood fluctuations cause extreme toll on health and thus should be avoided.

Also since Saturn is placed in your health house this year the Leo born people will be much more interested in various diets, health care and health regimes for them to follow. This looks set to be a great year for dieting, cosmetic make over and surgeries too. As mentioned earlier, that there will be lot of ebb and flow to your energy, the Leo born natives should practice meditation to keep their energy intact.

Diet Suggestions
Since 2017 is a year when the energy will keep fluctuating, the Leo needs to eat in a manner that their energy remains — for example, they can have healthy foods such as banana, carrots,  dried fruits and nuts as well as fresh fruits, salads, lean meat more. Along with all these there should be regular exercise also.