Get ready for some outstanding career news in 2017 Libra! Your professional success is really about to kick up a notch this year. The second half of the year is really when the fireworks begin, causing a windfall of money and a chance to reach a position of eminence in your job.

August and September will be good months for achieving professional excellence. For some Libras, a change in job or relocation due to career matters might happen early in the year, which will bring outstanding success around September.

Overseas assignments are favored and while some of you might travel abroad for job assignments, others might have business tie-ups with international clients that will bring major success. October and November will be good months for relocation to a foreign land if this is what you have in mind.

Do be careful of burning out though as your energy levels will be high, pushing you to overwork and stress. Any types of professions that focus on creative or intellectual work are especially favored. The planning and strategizing they do for the first half of the year will take them to new heights of success during the Fall and Winter months.

Planetary positions
Jupiter will be Virgo for the first half of the year, focusing your energy inward. This will be an excellent time to strategies and come up with an action plan. The work that you do in this period will be in private and your efforts might not be recognized however will be instrumental for your success.

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When Jupiter enters your sign in September, you will be ready to launch yourself in the world with a brand new image that will be excellent for career growth.

The taskmaster planet Saturn in your solar tenth house of career will push you to grow at a level that is sustainable, with a focus towards the bigger picture.

Saturn teaches us the values of hard work and diligence, and therefore the career foundations that you build will be rock solid. Chiron will be in Capricorn, your solar fourth house of home, and this suggests that you might have to make some sacrifices or cut corners on your responsibilities at home in order to attain the career success that you seek.

Maintaining a fine balance between home and work might prove tricky at times. The eclipses on the Taurus and the Scorpio axis emphasize the need to manage your money in a more productive way whereby you can do complete justice to your proactive career this year.

Favored professions
The Libra born is known for their extreme balance and practical as well as tactical approach in life. However there are certain particular professions that the natives born under the Libra will excel in 2017. These are as follows – Creative professions like publishing, media and Internet, social and government work.